Financial Management

Increase profitability and shorten time to revenue with financial management tools purpose-built for telecom, energy, and high-volume deployments.

Project Budget Management 

Efficient financial management is essential for success. Margins are shrinking. Project volume is increasing. Labor is consistently harder to find and keep. Nevertheless, business keeps pushing forward. To overcome these challenges, businesses must efficiently manage their budgets and finances as well as their projects to ensure profitability and fast time to revenue.

Sitetracker’s project budget management software provides a cloud-based solution that houses all of your financial data and simplifies project management, all while managing costs across your entire enterprise. 

Streamline Project Financials

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Stay on Track

Projects and finances go hand in hand. Sitetracker’s project budget management software aligns your finances to projects and programs, so workflows stay on track and bills are paid on time.

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Maximize Capital

Utilizing cloud-based budget management solutions ensures that opportunities are never lost, and profitability is maximized. Easily track monies from customers and regional or federal agencies to ensure capital is always allocated efficiently.

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Centralize Your Finances

Unify your project finances with your ERP using seamless integration to make it faster and easier to manage invoices and budgets to control margins.

Budget & Plan

Efficiently manage your projects, sites and activities with accurate tracking in real-time to ensure funds are budgeted appropriately now and for future projects.

  • Capture time spent on projects, sites, and activities
  • Associate finance items with project milestones for total visibility
  • Automate the creation of finance and expense lines with pre-configured rules
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Sitetracker screenshot of capital planning tools

Create & Request Funds

Ensure your projects are covered with capital planning to establish funding sources for your programs and create capital requests all in a comprehensive, single view.

  • Leverage available funding opportunities and create capital requests across your projects and programs
  • Reduce systems by bringing capital funding and allocation into Sitetracker
  • Utilize dashboards and reporting to quickly identify available capital and current allocations

Manage Time & Expenses

Easily manage time spent in the field to lower expenses and ensure prompt payments.

  • Track POs, invoices, and associated expense lines with ease
  • Quickly align submissions and approvals with company policies and shorten time to revenue
  • Guarantee on-time payment distribution to improve partner relationships
time management and scheduling tools in Sitetracker
bililng and invoice features in Sitetracker

Bill & Invoice

Reduce redundant data entry, quickly bill, and accurately invoice customers to shorten time to revenue.

  • Oversee payments from customers, vendors, contractors, leases, and tenants in one platform
  • Establish advanced approval processes to ensure accurate and timely payments
  • Integrate into your existing ERP or financial systems for POs, PO requests, invoices, vendor POs, and vendor payments

Manage Vendor Bids

Manage the vendor lifecycle from bidding and onboarding to project performance and ensure your team’s success.

  • Create, track, and manage vendor bids for projects and programs
  • Gain critical insights into performance across all parties
  • Align vendor performance with project quality to maximize customer satisfaction

What Is Finance Project Budget Management Software?

Sitetracker financial management software aligns project finances with your projects and programs to shorten time to revenue, increase profitability, and ensure customer satisfaction. From managing vendor POs, to taking advantage of new federal or local funding, to seamlessly integrating with your existing ERP for full visibility, financial management is essential to your business’s success.

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Why Sitetracker?

Gain full visibility of costs and tap into the financial health of your entire enterprise. Sitetracker’s project budget management software offers a single source of truth for tracking all revenue streams and expenses. Equip your team with a suite of project management tools, all housed in one place, that work end-to-end to serve all of your primary verticals.

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