Sitetracker is helping utilities around the globe realize critical modernization and resiliency upgrades to their operations.

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Enterprise Project, Site & Asset Management for the Grid

Utilities today face the imperative of modernizing the grid to ensure it is reliable, affordable, flexible, innovative, and decarbonized. Achieving this vision requires a strategic blend of decarbonization initiatives and robust investment into telecom network upgrades and expansions. At the heart of this transformation industry cloud for infrastructure solutions emerge as the linchpin, enabling utilities to not only reduce their carbon footprint but also to enhance communication services for customers while fortifying the grid’s security.

Expanding and Fortifying Networks

The critical need to expand connectivity infrastructure—fiber, macro towers, small cells, and private LTE networks—requires utilities to overcome logistical and operational hurdles efficiently. Sitetracker’s asset and project management solution enables utilities to plan, execute, monitor, and maintain network expansion projects with precision in one centralized place. By optimizing resource allocation and real-time project monitoring, Sitetracker empowers utilities to meet the growing demand for high-speed connectivity while managing costs and ensuring seamless deployments.

  • Streamline and accelerate workflows for site acquisition, colocation, and permitting
  • Simplify handoffs between planning and construction stakeholders to reduce manual efforts and improve data quality
  • Improve collaboration between office and field during construction or maintenance activities
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Electrifying Fleets and Deploying Charge Points

Expanding EV charge points and bolstering fleet electrification initiatives globally necessitates efficient deployment and operations management. Sitetracker equips utilities with the means to plan, deploy, and manage charge points publicly and for fleets. Through optimized resource allocation, streamlined project scheduling, and predictive maintenance, Sitetracker empowers utilities in the transition to an electrified transportation sector.

Managing Resiliency Initiatives and Deploying Grid Edge Technologies

Executing resiliency initiatives like the deployment of grid edge technologies underscores the importance of efficient operations. Sitetracker’s cloud solution plays a crucial role in addressing this need by equipping utilities with tools to streamline the implementation and monitoring of grid edge technologies. By optimizing resource allocation, project scheduling, and using real-time data, Sitetracker empowers utilities to enhance the reliability and resilience of their energy infrastructure, ensuring a more resilient and adaptive grid in the face of evolving energy demands and environmental challenges.

  • Accelerate deployment timelines to finish projects faster
  • Gain efficiencies through templates and closed loop learnings
  • Balance standardization with ad hoc tasks
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Building Renewable Energy at Scale

Across solar, wind, and storage, challenges in the deployment of renewable energy infrastructure undoubtedly exist to manage the increasingly high volume of projects, assets, sites, and field resources needed to be successful and capitalize on growing market demand. Sitetracker’s industry-cloud solution enables utilities deploying renewable energy to streamline processes and workflows, optimize visibility and collaboration, and increase profitability by standardizing your projects and providing your team a single source of truth.  Sitetracker is the centralized platform for managing the development, construction, operations, maintenance, and asset management of renewable energy projects at scale. 

  • Develop and deploy projects with speed and at scale
  • Create a single, centralized source of truth for all teams across the lifecycle
  • Seamlessly connect development, construction, operations, maintenance, and asset management
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“Prior to using Sitetracker, reporting was a time-consuming manual process that we found burdensome. We were running more than three reports per week, each taking an hour or more to complete. However, since adopting Sitetracker, we simply subscribe to the reports we need, and they are automatically emailed to us each morning, saving us time and hassle.”

Jason Tentor
Senior Program Manager, Pacific Gas and Electric Company

What is Enterprise Project, Site & Asset Management for the Grid?

Utilities globally are constantly juggling countless complex, enterprise-scale projects to modernize the grid and how they serve customers. Whether the work is focused on undergrounding utility lines or rolling out fiber, all of these projects are interconnected, linked back to organizational initiatives and publicly-committed goals. Sitetracker’s industry-cloud for infrastructure solution for enterprise project, site and asset management allows utilities to manage this work in one, central location, linking cross-functional teams, information and communication in a single place. This supports more efficient and collaborative execution of work, increased visibility with real-time data, and better, faster reporting.

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Why Sitetracker?

Sitetracker’s industry-cloud for infrastructure solution allows utilities to manage their enterprise-scale projects, sites, and assets to support grid modernization initiatives and navigate the path towards a sustainable, resilient, and customer-centric energy future.

  • Reliability: Sitetracker provides utilities with the tools needed to optimize grid operations, ensuring unparalleled reliability. With predictive analytics, real-time data, and automated responses, we empower utilities to minimize downtime and distributed assets, deploy technology that supports outage prevention, and maintain operations by responding swiftly to disruptions. Reliability is not a goal; it’s an outcome when software takes the lead.
  • Affordability: Grid modernization can be a costly endeavor, but Sitetracker supports utilities in making cost-efficient decisions. Through data-driven insights, we help utilities allocate resources more effectively and reduce soft costs. By enhancing efficiency, we pave the way for an affordable grid upgrade journey.
  • Decarbonization: Decarbonization is no longer optional, but a necessity. Sitetracker equips utilities with tools to efficiently deploy distributed renewable energy generation sources. 
  • Flexibility: A modern grid must be adaptable to changing circumstances and customer needs. Our software solutions enable utilities to embrace grid flexibility by accelerating the deployment of assets through standardized processes, while still leaving room for inevitable but unforeseen ad hoc tasks or changes to scope. Through this we help utilities meet the evolving energy and connectivity demands of their customers and communities.
  • Innovation: Innovation is the key to staying ahead in the energy sector. Our software solutions are designed to foster innovation by providing utilities with purpose-built solutions that are continually improved by teams with deep background in the energy sector. 
  • Communication Services: In addition to work on the energy delivery and services side of the house, our software bolsters telecom network improvements for utilities. We streamline network expansion projects by enabling utilities to plan, execute, and monitor network expansion projects with precision, and all in one centralized place. 
  • Grid Security: Ensuring a secure grid is paramount. We help utilities fortify the grid’s defenses and preserve its integrity and reliability through the efficient development and build of PLTE networks.

Read more about how Sitetracker is helping utilities create a distributed, decarbonized, and digitized grid.

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