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A field technician holding a cellphone and standing beside a solar panel

Accelerating Solar Deployment: How Software Can Turbocharge Efficiency and Boost Profits

March 7, 2024

Join us for an insightful PowerSession, hosted by Energy Central, with a panel of leaders from Sitetracker, Salesforce, Energize Capital, Wood Mackenzie, and New Columbia Solar. You’ll discover how leaders in solar project development, construction, maintenance, and management are leveraging software to drive efficiency, minimize risks and increase portfolio expansion and profitability.

A Unified Vision: Driving Collaboration for Broadband Deployment

In this panel, Sitetracker, FTTH Council Europe, Open Fiber and Deutsche Glasfaser discuss the ambitions and advancements of broadband deployment in Europe. The discussion focuses on the challenges of modern deployment, the critical role of efficiency, and the potential of geospatial integration in speeding up the broadband rollout.
A field of blue solar panels in rows sits below a forest of green trees

Sitetracker Eco-Tech Talk: How Software is Accelerating Solar Development and Construction

Join us for an insightful Eco-Tech Talk that explores the transformative power of cloud  software in accelerating solar development and construction projects. In an era where renewable energy is paramount, deployment operations management software emerges as a critical tool, driving efficiency gains throughout the project lifecycle.
Fiber cables

Bridging Broadband Gaps: Strategies for Driving Collaboration

Hosted by the Fiber Broadband Association, join Sitetracker and industry experts from Congruex and Esri for a thought-provoking panel discussion on the rapid advancements in broadband deployment in the United States.
Sitetracker GIS Link

Mapping the Future: Sitetracker’s GIS Link for Accelerated Deployment

In this exclusive webinar, we will delve into Sitetracker GIS Link features, demonstrate its potential in real-time, and discuss key use cases for the deployment of critical infrastructure across the globe. Witness firsthand the integrated geospatial data, real-time workflows, and efficiency enhancements that GIS Link brings to the table.
EV Chargers

Electrifying Mobility: The Race to Deploy Critical Charging Networks

In this virtual event, we sat down with representatives from Faith Technologies and EVgo to discuss actionable best practices to deploy EV charging networks at speed and scale rapidly.

Digitising the future: How connected construction accelerates EV charging deployment

With the rapid spike in electric vehicles globally, the need for efficient and reliable charging infrastructure is becoming increasingly urgent. Join this recorded discussion to learn from EV experts how connected construction solutions accelerate EV charging deployments.

How Software is Making EV Mainstream

Join this CEO panel discussion hosted by Eileen Waris, Principal from Energize Ventures featuring Sitetracker’s Giuseppe Incitti, DroneDeploy’s Michael Winn, Smartcar’s Sahas Katta, and Monta’s Casper Rasmussen to hear discussion about key challenges facing the EV charging space and how software and technology are enabling companies to move beyond these challenges and accelerate growth.

Good Tech Stays Out of the Way: Best Practices for Software, Safety and Site Work

We partnered with NATE to bring together a panel of industry experts from Engineered Tower Solutions, Tillman Infrastructure and Cox Communications to discuss how to take advantage of the latest technology to ensure a safe and productive work environment.