Become Sitetracker Certified

Join us for an in-person Admin Certification course at our Montclair, NJ headquarters.

October 17-20, 2023

Gain all of the skills of the online course as well as an opportunity to collaborate in-person with Sitetracker instructors and users in one place. Email us at for more info!

Certification Course Types

Project Essentials Certification

Learn the essentials of the Sitetracker end user experience through this two-day course to better manage your day to day work in Sitetracker.

  • Manage projects and update data
  • Navigate Trackers and leverage tools to gain insights
  • Capture data in the field using Forms and Sitetracker Mobile
  • Use Sitetracker Maps to visualize your data with location context
  • Configure Reports and Dashboards to fit your organization’s business needs

For more information on our Project Essentials Certification, review the EDU Calendar in Sitetracker Community.

Administrator Certification

With our in-house experts alongside users from all over the globe, learn best practices and master configuring project management fundamentals in Sitetracker through this five-day course.

  • Manage and customize project templates, forms, and trackers
  • Create custom map configurations on Sitetracker Mobile and web
  • Implement data governance for your Sitetracker Org
  • Optimize of Sitetracker’s add-on modules
  • Customize reports and dashboards to fit your organization’s business needs
  • Configure Sitetracker Mobile for critical infrastructure planning and deployment

Interested in joining us for this course in person at our Montclair, NJ headquarters? Contact us directly at for more information!

For more information on our Administrator Certification, review the EDU Calendar in Sitetracker Community.

Work Management Certification

Extend your mastery of Sitetracker Work Management in this two-day, hybrid session conducted live online and through Sitetracker’s LMS.

  • Manage and customize crews, skills, resources, and more
  • Create, manage, and assign maintenance schedules with full historical context of sites, assets and projects
  • Create ad-hoc, break-fix job tickets and assign them to qualified crews
  • Ensure crews are on-time and well equipped on every site visit for better first-time fix rates

For more information on our Project Essentials Certification, review the EDU Calendar in Sitetracker Community.

Developer Certification

Learn how to customize your Sitetracker Org through this four-day, specialized course dedicated to developer teams of Sitetracker Customers or Partners. 

  • Write custom scheduling logic
  • Extend our home-grown trigger framework
  • Understand how we use static caches for optimization
  • Understand the template and selector design patterns used in Sitetracker
  • Have knowledge in critical background processes of Sitetracker like the Project-Activity Sync Engine

For more information on our Project Essentials Certification, review the EDU Calendar in Sitetracker Community.

Data Loading Certification

Designed just for Admins, learn how to import and export important data through data loader to support your team’s functions in this one-day course.

  • Use the Sitetracker Data Loader application to bulk import or export data
  • Insert, update, delete or export Salesforce records
  • Use the Data Loader to import and export Sitetracker records

For more information on our Project Essentials Certification, review the EDU Calendar in Sitetracker Community.

What to expect

Sitetracker Certification is an in-person or online course for admins, power users, and business drivers leveraging Sitetracker. Upon completion of the course, participants take a certification exam. Participants will learn how to:

  • Master Sitetracker fundamentals
  • Manage and customize Project Templates, Forms, & Trackers
  • Create custom map configurations on Sitetracker Mobile & web
  • Implement data governance for your Sitetracker Organization
  • Understand the capacity of Sitetracker Add-On Modules
  • Master Sitetracker Mobile
  • Customize reports & dashboards to fit your organization’s needs

Learn Best Practices

Interact with industry peers

Learn industry best practices through in-person round tables with a network of Sitetracker users, partners, and employees.

Get Sitetracker Certified from your home

Our in-person (when permitted) and online interactive course is one of the best ways to meet fellow industry experts and talk through best practices.

Connect Sitetracker to your business

Make connections between new skills and business applications to optimize business operations

Hear what Sitetracker Certified Professionals are saying

  • “It was really helpful to not only have other Sitetracker Customers present but also Sitetracker employees in the same training. I learned so many best practices from everyone’s different perspectives during the round table discussions.”
    Cristina Iacona Project Manager at ZenFi Networks
  • “The best part of Sitetracker Certification was feeling like I can go back to my company with valid, useful knowledge, and an enhanced skillset to showcase how valuable Sitetracker can be for our business.”
    Aurora Decker Director of Revenue, Epic Wireless
  • “One of the best parts of Sitetracker Certification was meeting other users and talking to them about some of the similar challenges we face. It was interesting to hear if they are running into the same things we do, how they dealt with the issue, or how they are using the modules different than we are.”
    Matt Ryan Project Controls Manager at Tillman Infrastructure
  • “I would 100% recommend Sitetracker Certification. For me, it is great to understand all of Sitetracker’s functionality. If you are spending the money on Sitetracker, you want to know everything about it and you want to know how to make the most out of it. This course helps you do that.”
    Sebastian Hubert Project Coordinator at InRange Solutions
  • “I would absolutely recommend this course. Because of the training format, I think this course would be really beneficial especially for people who have gotten their feet wet to master Sitetracker.”
    Kendrick Brooks Program Analyst at SAC Wireless