Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Track, manage, and centralize all your sites and assets with a single, easy-to-use tool.

Site & Asset Management

Imagine a world where you don’t need to struggle to gain visibility into your sites and assets. By empowering your enterprise asset management and project teams with flexible workflows, mobile asset tracking, full audit trails, and powerful real-time reporting across the end-to-end asset lifecycle, you can quickly pinpoint issues, do preventive maintenance, and improve operations. Sitetracker’s Site and Asset Management tools significantly improve daily productivity and the employee experience. 

Improve Infrastructure Operations

Centralize Asset Visibility

Can you see the complete site history and the status of all your projects across your entire portfolio at a glance? With Sitetracker, you can. Quickly and easily see the latest updates at any level, from individual project milestones to entire asset and project portfolios.

Create Field Accessibility

As team members move between sites, locations, or offices, they need insights into project performance right from their mobile devices. From social collaboration to document management, the right asset management tools give team members the ability to easily perform all of these essential tasks on the go.

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Consolidate Workflows & Tools

Legacy and on-premise tools are difficult to integrate and lack the workflow automation needed to manage large numbers of projects. With Sitetracker, you benefit from dramatically improved workflows and operational efficiencies that make it easier for enterprises to manage assets and teams. Sitetracker creates a full-stack, full-lifecycle set of services that empower you to collaborate seamlessly.

Manage Sites & Candidates

Manage activity on individual sites and use powerful AI-driven insights to support the selection of new sites.

  • Manage site candidates, approvals, and drawings
  • Use embedded mapping to identify your existing sites as well as potential new sites
  • View site details, tenants, work, history, and more in one view
Sitetracker asset management screenshot
Sitetracker lease management tools screenshot

Manage Leases

Manage leased sites in one central location across your portfolio to ensure proper management.

  • Create centralized visibility and management of all leases
  • Create efficiency and reduce time spent managing disparate contracts
  • Automate processes to ensure effective management

Oversee Assets & Inventory

Gain visibility into every asset deployed across your portfolio and what inventory you have remaining to increase the efficiency of management and deployment.

  • Seamlessly integrate assets with projects and sites so equipment is always where it needs to be
  • Utilize barcode scanning and serial number tracking to ensure inventory accuracy
  • Support receipt, installation, uninstall, and maintenance activities for your inventory
inventory overview from Sitetracker software
a screenshot of permit management in Sitetracker

Handle Permits

Manage permits and the permitting process in one central location to ensure application deadlines are met and optimized to streamline timelines.

  • Fasttrack and standardize the process
  • Centralize and track from submission to approval
  • Improve the accuracy of forecasted timelines based on historic data

What is Enterprise Asset Management?

Enterprise Asset Management for deployment and operations professionals involves the management and maintenance of physical assets throughout the entire site and asset lifecycle — including planning, deploying, and maintenance. Single-site and asset management can be complex, but when you manage thousands of distributed sites and assets, you need a purpose-built solution.

Free your team from sifting through spreadsheets. Save both time and money by having a single source of truth for thousands of assets and revenue streams. Sitetracker has developed an intuitive enterprise asset management software for high-volume industries like telecommunications, energy, real estate, and more, that expedites project timelines and increases efficiencies.

  • Telecom: From networks, and towers, to fiber, telecom enterprises manage and maintain vast portfolios of sites, assets, and critical infrastructure. Our tools are designed to make those processes faster and more efficient than ever before.
  • Energy: From solar, to EV, to DER, and beyond, energy leaders trust Sitetracker to help them successfully manage the massive array of infrastructure involved with growing their businesses.
solar energy assets above a city at night

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