Project Management

Standardize processes.
Improve visibility.

Project Management

From planning to maintenance, organizations managing high-volume deployment operations projects are constantly juggling a multitude of challenges. Across every project there is variance in baselines, goals, vendors, risks, and more. Sitetracker Project Management helps you forecast and schedule a high volume of repeatable projects with ease—from optimizing project capacity to expediting closeout packages.

End-to-End Project Management

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Standardize Processes

Project-specific spreadsheets are a thing of the past. Create and manage against a standardized process across your entire portfolio.

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Expedite Timelines

Don’t just finish on time, finish ahead of time. Through AI-driven insights, realize expedited timelines throughout the process and across the project overall.

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Centralize Visibility

Create a single source of truth. From field engineers to VPs, create an accessible management and reporting environment for every stakeholder that touches a project.

Schedule Projects & Set Milestones

Gain a clear, centralized view into project schedules and key milestones across your entire portfolio to quickly understand what’s on track and why a project might be stalling, all in an effort to shorten your path to revenue.

  • Manage activities with various conditionality, comment, and re-forecasting features
  • Search and filter to focus on what’s important
  • Auto-update milestone date fields with scheduling logic
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gantt and timeline features in Sitetracker platform

Manage Timelines & Dependencies

From monitoring individual jobs to keeping the pulse of a portfolio-wide project, securely manage jobs, resources, contracts and more to ensure you’re tracking to the projected timeline.

  • Streamline the process with familiar Gantt views that are focused on status, dependencies, durations, ownership and more
  • Assign automated start dates to seamless manage across milestones
  • Utilize existing forecasting logic to recalculate start dates

Measure Project Performance

With powerful AI-driven insights, create
data-backed forecasting predictions to build confidence around timelines, budgets, vendors and more.

  • Set the Forecast and Actual dates for an Activity task
  • Set baselines for one or multiple projects
  • Gain dynamic forecasting and task inclusion tied to financials
project management tools in the Sitetracker platform
templates for job processes in Sitetracker

Define Templates & Standardization

Align processes across jobs, sites, and contractors to one common standard to create consistency and drive operational efficiency.

  • Utilize intelligent and automated project templates
  • Create advanced approval processes
  • Streamline setup with easy to configure organization (section, WBS codes, layouts), conditional rendering, and project schedule

Establish Programs & Goals

Easily manage complex, multi-project programs and track progress and goals from the individual to enterprise level.

  • Rollup project goals to an overall program goal
  • Easily manage strategic initiatives by associating individual projects to a program
  • Manage program budgets and funding
reporting features in Sitetracker project management

What is Project Management for deployments?

Project Management for deployments is the process of managing enterprise-scale projects to deliver value to an organization through efficiency gains, centralized visibility, and ultimately, a shorter path to revenue. Examples of deployments that benefit from Deployment Operations Management include the deployment of thousands of EV charging stations, or the rollout of hundreds to thousands of miles of fiber.

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