Project managers, here’s what your managers want to know that you’re not telling them.

If you’re a project manager in a critical infrastructure industry like telecommunications or utilities you know firsthand that you could be managing hundreds of complex projects at once and your boss wants to know about all of them, right now. Don’t you wish you could just click a button and have all the reports ready immediately? Good news! You can.

Sitetracker enables project managers to report on all of your projects with easy-to-use reporting and dashboards. This means that when your boss asks about the status of a project, you can reference live, real-time data.

Being able to accurately report on the successes and failures of each project is important for upper management to see so that any kinks in the process can be smoothed out. The best organizations are data-driven. Your boss is looking for all of this information because the work you do is important to the organization. Each project adds or maintains critical infrastructure to citizens who rely on their cell service and power supply every day. So, when you’re thinking about what your boss is looking for,  consider the “why” to inform what you send her way. So, what exactly is your boss looking for?

What exactly is your boss looking for?

There are many moving pieces in any given project and your managing hundreds of projects, so when your boss asks you for reports, what is she really asking for? Below, I’ve outlined some of the key information your boss is looking for:

  • Projects by status
    How many of your projects are started, in progress? Behind schedule, etc.
  • Projects by type
    How many small cell projects vs. co-location projects are you working on? How many pole replacements vs. LED bulb installations?
  • Project start date
    When did your projects start?
  • Project projected completion date
    When do you expect your projects will be competed? Does that date align with deadlines?
  • Are you at capacity or can you take on more projects?
    How many projects are you managing and how much time does each task take? Can you take on more projects? Do you need to offload projects to another project manager?

Sitetracker enables you to give your boss the information she’s looking for. Report on all of your projects with easy-to-use reporting and dashboards. The next time your boss asks for a project report, make sure you’re giving her the right information. And, it goes without saying that the faster you can send over that report, the better.

Sitetracker lets you give your boss the reports she wants when she wants them. Join leading project managers in using Sitetracker to provide real insight into projects to create transparency within your organization.