3 steps to improve operational efficiency for 5G project management

There’s a better way to do 5G project management. By the end of this post, you will have three more tools you can use to improve operational efficiency when managing 5G projects.

5G is coming and you’re the ones building it. 5G will be comprised of many, many infrastructure components, including fronthaul fiber, small cells, and towers. Due to the high-volume nature of these elements, 5G project management is and will be a different kind of challenge than the telecommunications industry has faced before. If you’re a 5G program manager at carrier or service providers company, prepare yourself by taking the three steps we’ve laid out below.

Ensure all project information lives in one place, utilize mobile project management tools, and standardize project processes to align with your company’s goals.

1. Ensure all project information lives in one place

When managing a large volume of projects, as 5G requires, it’s imperative to ensure that all program and project information lives in one single source of truth platform.  Tasks, time tracking, site location, project status, and all other project information all need to reside in one place that is accessible by mobile, tablet, and desktop applications. If this isn’t the case for your company right now, start your hunt for the right software solution now before project volume and velocity outpaces resource capabilities.

Having all project data in one central, cloud-based location enables your team to have the most up to date information, all the time. This means that you’ll save time when creating reports, inputting project information, and searching for project status. Try to find a solution that provides useful dashboards so you can see what’s relevant to you right when you open the application.

Embrace change now to prepare for a 5G future.

2. Utilize mobile project management tools

For task management in the field, it’s crucial to be able to use mobile apps. Mobile project management tools enable project team members to complete and add tasks,  track time, view project plans, and find site locations on their mobile devices.

For successful deployment of mobile project management tools to your team that you choose an app that’s available on both iOS and Android. Project management software should be more than what you can access on your desktop computer. Not everyone on your team works at a desk.

3. Standardize project processes

In order to attain operational excellence, you’re going to need to standardize and improve your project processes. Many in the telecommunications industry rely on spreadsheets and gantt charts to manage their 5G projects. These methods don’t take into account the need for standardization.

In order to efficiently and successfully deploy 5G projects, you’ll need to set the standards and steps for each project type to ensure that each project is completed properly and to take the guesswork out of the process. This will both reduce the likelihood of errors and improve speed to deployment.

To reach operational excellence, ensure all project information lives in one place, utilize project management apps, and standardize your processes for managing projects.