Sitetracker’s deployment operations management software helps energy leaders accelerate through change, helping people and processes run better, together.

Industry leaders use Sitetracker


Across the energy industry today, utilities, developers and vendors are all managing through massive disruption and transformation. Decentralization, decarbonization and digitization of electrical grids are being driven by financial, societal, environmental, operational and regulatory pressure, and leading to massive investment in system-wide updates and the development of new technology that will support the vision of a zero-carbon future, without sacrificing reliability.

As this transformation has taken hold, one question is now front and center: Is the industry prepared to efficiently and effectively manage the mountain of critical infrastructure updates, along with the deployment of net-new technology necessary to make this vision a reality?

EV Charging

Sitetracker has quickly become the deployment operations provider of choice for some of the leading EV charging firms in the world.

  • Organize all of your deployment assets in a single platform
  • Improve efficiency in your operations rather than adding staff
  • Gain a single source of truth for all asset deployment content
cars plugged into an ev charging station
houses with solar panels on the roofs


Respond to the increasing demands for solar energy with a deployment operations solution built for scale.

  • Manage every asset, location and timeline in one central location
  • Increase your speed to go live with AI-driven insights
  • Create a consistent process to manage the deployment of every asset

Distributed Energy

Scale rapidly to meet the increased demand for energy distributed closer to the point of use.

  • Enjoy faster and more reliable DER deployment
  • Minimize DER project risk
  • Improve project-wide visibility
solar panels in an urban park
energy contractor performing maintenance

Energy Efficiency

Deploy energy efficiency solutions to help businesses cut costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Capture all relevant site data in the field
  • Improve visibility over key milestones
  • Accelerate project completion times

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