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Sitetracker powers leaders in the global energy transition to develop, build, maintain and manage critical assets and infrastructure by optimizing their project, asset, site, and field service processes. Together, we’re working to make the vision of a carbon-free future a reality.

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Project, Site & Asset Management

From solar developers and electric utilities to charge point operators and engineering and construction firms that work across clean energy projects, Sitetracker enables leaders in the energy transition to develop, build, manage, and maintain critical assets and infrastructure by optimizing their project, asset, site and field service processes, allowing them to work against a single source of truth, make data-driven decisions, and adapt and scale rapidly.

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Renewable Energy

In the fast-paced renewable energy sector, managing the complexities and volume of solar, storage, and wind projects requires flexible and purpose-built asset and project management software. Sitetracker’s solution addresses the unique challenge of standardizing on digital processes—from financial management and regulatory compliance to the technical aspects of installation—while leaving room for the inevitable changes on each project. By streamlining processes and enhancing collaboration, it ensures efficiency and profitability in a rapidly growing market. Sitetracker provides a single source of truth for developers, EPCs, and operations, maintenance and asset teams, optimizing project management and reducing overhead costs.

  • Develop and deploy projects with speed and at scale
  • Create a single, centralized source of truth for all teams across the lifecycle
  • Seamlessly connect development, construction, operations, maintenance and asset management

EV Charging

The mass adoption of electric vehicles (EV)  is central to meeting global climate goals. As EV growth continues, countries must ramp up infrastructure and deploy high volumes of EV Charging points in order to support the demands of EV users. To succeed in doing this, the EV charging ecosystem needs a better way to oversee high volumes of projects, sites, assets, and partners while ensuring efficiency, visibility, and agility are embedded into their operations. Only then will Charge Point Operators, Fleet Owners and Operators, and EV Contractors be able to meet the global demand for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. 

  • Gain real-time visibility into your projects, sites, and assets for quick decision making with data you can trust
  • Shorten timelines, from development to construction to interconnection, with templatized processes that scale 
  • Ensure quality deployments across your charging network with the ability to easily collaborate with contractors and vendors in a centralized platform

Grid Resiliency and Modernization

Utilities today face the imperative of modernizing the grid to ensure it is reliable, affordable, flexible, innovative, and decarbonized. Achieving this vision requires a strategic blend of decarbonization initiatives and robust telecom network improvements. At the heart of this transformation enterprise project management solutions emerge as the linchpin, enabling utilities to not only reduce their carbon footprint but also to enhance communication services for customers while fortifying the grid’s security.

  • Gain real-time visibility into projects across your service territory
  • Increase the quality of work and eliminate delays
  • Do more work with less resources
  • Make your customers and employees happier
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“Sitetracker is a vital portion of the tools we use, and Dominion functions in a more efficient manner with its help. Before Sitetracker, our engineers could not easily tell me what they had on their plate and when it was due with a click of a button.”

Gerald Warchol
Manager of Electric Distribution, Dominion Energy

Why Sitetracker?

Sitetracker is cloud-based software designed to help organizations uncomplicate their operational processes. With an easy-to-use UX that is personalized for each type of user—from project managers to business leaders to crews in the field— Sitetracker provides project teams with a familiar, spreadsheet-like tool to manage and collaborate across a large volume of projects, sites, and assets. 

With Sitetracker Mobile, field teams can quickly get job details and directions, complete checklists with photos, and manage assets. We’ve made handling your digital documents and files a breeze with markup tools, document generation, and approval workflows. As a result, Sitetracker has a 94% user adoption rate, giving you confidence that the tools you implement will make you more productive day-to-day.

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