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Deploy renewable energy with speed, at scale, and at a sustained rate, to meet growing global demand.

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Project, Site, & Asset Management for Renewable Energy

In the fast-paced renewable energy sector, managing the complexities and volume of solar, storage, and wind projects requires flexible and purpose-built asset and project management software. Sitetracker’s solution addresses the unique challenge of standardizing digital processes—from financial management and regulatory compliance to the technical aspects of installation—while leaving room for inevitable changes on each project. By streamlining processes and enhancing collaboration, it ensures efficiency and profitability in a rapidly growing market. Sitetracker provides a single source of truth for developers, EPCs, and operations, maintenance and asset teams, optimizing project management and reducing overhead costs.


As renewable energy, with solar projects leading the way, continues its rise as a cornerstone of renewable power generation, developers face the task of managing multifaceted projects across various phases. From site assessment and permitting to financing and seamless coordination with construction partners, the complexities can be overwhelming. Sitetracker’s asset and project management cloud solution streamlines these activities, enhances collaboration, and propels renewable energy projects to unprecedented success.

  • Centralize and organize project data, documents, and contracts and track and action obligations throughout the project and asset lifecycle
  • Standardize business processes while leaving room for ad hoc tasks
  • Manage, forecast and report, better and faster
A aerial view of a team of solar technicians installing solar panels
An array of solar panels stretches on into the distance


Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) companies face a myriad of challenges in the ever-evolving renewable energy landscape. From managing complex data to coordinating subcontractors, tracking contractual obligations, and optimizing field crews, the demands are substantial. Sitetracker streamlines and digitizes the construction process from pre-construction activities to closeout using intelligent templates, milestones tied to billing, and centralized document management.

  • Maximize resources and get the right person to the right job at the right time
  • Centralize all project data and provide the right level of visibility to all project stakeholders, from sub-contractor field teams to the asset owner
  • Centralize the management of teams and third-party subs with real-time visibility from the field

Operations & Maintenance

For renewable energy, the job doesn’t end once the wind turbines, solar panels, and battery storage are installed. Operations and maintenance (O&M) companies serve as the guardians of renewable energy installations for the long run and Sitetracker helps these teams run smoothly and overcome many of the challenges they face day-to-day.

  • Integrate with existing ERPs and/or other software, including asset monitoring platforms, for better coordination across systems and more uptime of assets
  • Quickly and easily pull reports about a single project or across your entire portfolio
  • Centralize document management, from leases to vendor contracts to financial reporting obligations
A wind turbine technician wearing a yellow safety vest and white helmet works on his laptop while standing at the base of a wind turbine
A field technician in a white helmet looks at a tablet while standing in a field of solar panels

Asset Management

Renewable energy asset managers play a crucial role in ensuring the ongoing performance and profitability of installations. To excel in this role, asset managers need to address various challenges, from monitoring project performance to optimizing site operations and managing valuable assets. This is where Sitetracker comes into play by supporting the critical work they do in several ways.

  • Centralize and organize project data, documents, contracts, and regulatory compliance considerations, and track and action obligations that started at initial project development
  • Ensure peak operational and financial performance of assets through centralized management with all operations teams, including maintenance 
  • From owners and investors to utilities and government agencies, quickly and easily access necessary information to communicate with various stakeholders

What is Project, Site, & Asset Management for Renewable Energy?

Sitetracker is the centralized platform for managing the development, construction, operations, maintenance, and asset management of renewable energy at scale. By providing real time visibility into the project lifecycle, from financing, site assessments, and permitting, to design, construction and interconnection, and long-term asset management, developers, EPCs, O&Ms, and asset managers can easily make data-driven decisions to increase efficiency, scale, and profitability.

A field technician in a white helmet and safety gear looks at his cellphone with wind turbines in the distance
A young female professional works on a laptop in an office setting

Why Sitetracker?

To achieve the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 in line with the UN Paris Agreement on climate change, renewable energy is being heralded as a key lever to pull. In fact, industry experts estimate that we must install 455 gigawatts (GW) of new solar capacity globally each year through 2030 to make the vision of a clean energy future a reality. And with the International Energy Agency (IEA) reporting the average time to build clean energy infrastructure at over a decade between planning and construction, the industry must collectively find a way to deploy renewable energy with significantly greater speed and scale, and at a sustained rate for the next several decades, than has ever been done before.

Sitetracker’s industry cloud for infrastructure solution is purpose-built for renewable energy to do just that: deploy with speed, at scale, and at a sustained rate.

  • Sitetracker centralizes data for a single source of truth across portfolios and systems. It also provides real-time visibility into projects and sites for quick decision making with accurate, trustworthy data.
  • Sitetracker centralizes the management of renewable energy projects, increases resource efficiency, and allows for standardization project-by-project with the flexibility for ad-hoc tasks that inevitably arise.
  • Sitetracker enables users to manage, forecast, and report easier, better, and faster.
  • Sitetracker supports and centralizes contract and document management, and cross-functionally actions obligations through the full project and asset lifecycle.
  • Sitetracker enables companies to maximize their people (in-house or subs) to get the right person to the right job at the right time.
  • Sitetracker enables better management of vendors by centralizing the management of teams under one roof and creating real-time visibility from the field to the back office.
  • Sitetracker integrates with existing ERPs and/or other software, including asset monitoring platforms, meaning  better coordination across systems and more uptime of assets.

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