Connect field work to projects to increase productivity and reduce rework.

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Work Management

Efficiently manage projects, assets, and jobs from start to finish in a single location. Sitetracker’s easy-to-use platform with accurate data and a 94% user adoption rate ensures teams plan and execute projects and jobs effectively. Sitetracker’s Work Management module allows industry leaders to improve first-time fix rate, create automated maintenance schedules, track time, accurately match people’s skills with job needs, and easily dispatch crews to the right site at the right time.

Optimize Field Resources

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Proactively Maintain Assets

Proactively maintain assets with Sitetracker Work Management to leverage data such as technician skill sets, available inventory, and maintenance schedules to provide valuable insights about service effectiveness and scheduling efficiency.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers want knowledgeable, fast service without delays from their field technicians. Sitetracker Work Management empowers field teams to complete jobs faster and more efficiently with standardized inventory tracking, job task templates, and real-time updates tied back to the overall project.

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Increase Productivity

Give your teams the tools they need to make informed decisions, standardize processes and achieve operational efficiency. With Sitetracker Work Management, you can empower your people and increase productivity to complete jobs faster and more efficiently.

Schedule Jobs & Resources

Optimize work with routing, scheduling, and standardized inventory that gets people and equipment where they’re needed.

  • Maximize and configure data for dispatchers so they can make sure the right resources are available for every job
  • Understand scheduling patterns and trends to optimize efficiency
  • Create and automate maintenance schedules
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calendars and resource tracking in Sitetracker

Assign Resource Skills
& Calendars

Maximize the value of your assets by dispatching the four R’s – the right person, at the right place, at the right time, with the right tools.

  • Leverage technician skill sets with a detailed log of skills, certifications, schedules and more
  • Provide technicians with an easy mobile calendar view of their job schedule
  • Maximize field inputs with a seamless and intuitive app experience

Manage & Execute Jobs

Give field teams the tools to manage jobs quickly and efficiently through field-centric mobile apps and dynamic forms. Effective, transparent communication in one platform reduces truck rolls and time to revenue.

  • Gain real-time visibility between the field and the office to prevent rework and ensure data accuracy
  • Work smarter with a field-centric mobile app that includes forms, geo-fencing, document markup, and offline work
  • Track performance and field activity across vendors and internal teams to improve efficiency, optimize resource selection and improve the bottom line
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Collaborate with Vendors

Easily align multiple parties to your internal processes and standards in the Sitetracker Connect Portal to get projects and work done faster and with greater visibility across all teams.

  • Real-time communication, schedules, and maps keep external contractors aligned
  • Quickly get partners up to speed with internal standards and processes
  • Securely share relevant information to ensure projects and jobs are completed successfully

Closeout & Handover

Automate and centralize the closeout process to create efficiencies in managing field crew reports and timecards.

  • Standardize the process for faster time to project closeout
  • Ensure all necessary photos and information are captured
  • Generate closeout packages that include Job, Project, Segment and Site details
closeout processes in Sitetracker platform

What is Work Management?

Work management is all about maximizing the value of your assets by dispatching the four R’s – the right person, at the right place, at the right time, with the right tools – to improve cycle times and asset longevity. Sitetracker Work Management connects field work to the project, empowering teams to work together efficiently to ensure the fastest deployment, maintenance, and break-fix resolution cycles in the industry.

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