Sitetracker recently held a photography contest asking project managers in the telecommunications, utilities, smart cities, and alternative energy industries to capture their respective projects in the field. The results were astounding and shed light on what it means to be a project manager or field technician. Winners spanned all four verticals, and more, taking daring selfies at pole tops and getting up close with barbed wire for the perfect shot.

Sitetracker photo contest winners

Judges’ Choice Grand PrizeMatthew Harang
Toast of TelecomThomas Lease
Nicole Gillam
Utilities UnicornCimarron Kuskie
Elisabeth Quintero
Super Smart CitiesLuis Teves
John Cruz
Awesome Alternative EnergyAshok Patil
Super SelfiesMark Branch
Kelly Fitzgerald
Thomas Gough
Rocco Cappella
Antonio Bruno
Johnny Bailey

Congrats, again, to the winners! Sitetracker is proud to partner with the people who make connectivity a reality.

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