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From L2 and DC fast charging stations to Fleet depots, Sitetracker powers the path to successful project management of EV charging infrastructure deployments around the world.

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EV Charging Project Management Software

The mass adoption of electric vehicles (EV) is central to meeting global climate goals. As EV growth continues, countries must ramp up infrastructure and deploy high volumes of EV Charging points in order to support the demands of EV users. Global charging network targets for 2030 and beyond are aggressive, and they come with significant operational challenges to manage high volumes of deployments while also handling maintenance and retaining quality, uptime, and profitability.

To succeed, the EV charging ecosystem needs a better way to oversee high volumes of projects, sites, assets, and partners while ensuring efficiency, visibility, and agility are embedded into their operations. Only then will Charge Point Operators, Fleet Owners and Operators, and EV Contractors be able to meet the global demand for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. 

Charge Point Operators (CPO)

With EV adoption at an all time high, Charge Point Operators have to deploy new charging stations faster than ever before. Sitetracker’s industry-leading software enables CPOs to develop, design, construct, and maintain new EV charging networks, powering the transition to electrified transportation.

  • Streamline site workflows including acquisition, permitting, and surveys to reduce potential delays
  • Centralize data and easily export detailed reports on construction progress, revenue, funding, and more
  • Connect field teams and contractors in one place
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Fleet Owners and Operators

Electrifying your fleet is no easy task. From planning and identifying the best sites and ideal route coverage, to installing charging stations in a depot and interconnection to your local utility—Sitetracker helps expedite deployment timelines and ensures you can avoid potential slowdowns to normal operations and project timelines as you move to electrified transportation.

  • Leverage detailed, standardized templates to ensure every step is accounted for before ever breaking ground
  • Plan construction with operations in mind through intelligent forecasting and actual dates so business will not get interrupted
  • Keep relevant stakeholders informed throughout the entire project lifecycle with exportable reports and real-time data

EV Contractors

EV Contractors need the ability to move fast and efficiently, stay organized, and ensure that no resource goes wasted. Sitetracker enables contractors to meet growing demand with operational excellence by connecting field crews to the back office, providing crews with standardized forms to get the job done right the first time, and delivering faster reporting to drive quick actions and decision-making.

  • Automate workflows and standardize processes to reduce truck rolls and increase project volume
  • Match the best resources to the right jobs to work faster and get jobs done right every time—from installing a new charging station to replacing wiring
  • Easily generate and share closeout documentation to get paid sooner and improve customer satisfaction
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“Previously we relied on off-the-shelf software which was woefully inadequate. It wasn’t until we discovered Sitetracker that we understood how something purpose-built to support EV charger installations would radically improve our efficiency and insights.”

Fabien Remy
Director of Information Systems, ENGIE Vianeo
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What is EV Charging Project Management Software?

Electric Vehicles are quickly moving to replace the internal combustion engines (ICE) of the last century, with companies working to rapidly deliver a large-scale network of EV charge points to power newly electrified transportation. Many EV charging leaders struggle with inefficiencies and manual processes born out of excel spreadsheets, disparate emails, or reconfigured construction software inefficiently used to manage EV workflows.

As demand increases, more funding becomes available, and consumers demand a better charging network – a majority of EV charging companies are now looking to technology to help them deploy better. Software gives the ability to plan better from the start and work from standardized and comprehensive processes throughout the project lifecycle. It also goes beyond planning, allowing you to avoid redundant work after you leave the site and reduce rework, site audits, and truck rolls with better, digitized processes so  you can increase productivity, improve quality, and ensure safety compliance. Having a single tool that can unify your data, standardize processes, and provide all parties better visibility—internal and external—is now a critical component in the move to electrify transportation across the globe.

Why Sitetracker?

Archive your old spreadsheets, retire software that isn’t purpose built for EV charging deployments, and gain an industry-leading solution that delivers unrivaled visibility, efficiency, and ease of use—all built on a future-proof platform proven to deliver profitable growth for its users.

  • See a full overview of your EV charging portfolio, from region-wide projects down to individual EVSE.
  • Connect your workflows, processes, projects, and vendors together in one place.
  • Streamline permitting and interconnection requests to ensure accuracy and prevent long, costly delays to construction or energization.
  • Make work easier with live Trackers, portals to collaborate with vendors, and a mobile app that enables field crews to be more productive, collaborative, and able to deliver data faster than ever before.
  • Dispatch field crews to the right jobs at the right times based on location, skills, and certifications and provide them the tools to be successful, from job details to forms and checklists.
  • Work better with dynamic Forms that help standardize work to ensure safety, quality, and faster time to closeout.
  • Track EVSE from wiring and connectors to charging stations more efficiently with QR and barcode scanning directly on Sitetracker Mobile.
  • Keep teams accountable with geofencing, and geolocation photo stamping so you know that work is completed right and on site.

Still not convinced?

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