BP Pulse selected Sitetracker to manage fleet infrastructure deployment 

As demand grew from evolving building regulations and the significant increase in fleet electric vehicle (EV) adoption, BP Pulse recognized the importance of developing long-term EV charging deployment strategies. To effectively manage high-volume repeatable projects, the team made a strategic decision to choose Sitetracker over a custom Salesforce build. By opting for Sitetracker’s future-proof deployment solution, BP Pulse ensured they had the necessary tools to successfully navigate the rapidly expanding EV charging landscape and meet the evolving needs of their customers.


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BP Pulse specializes in fleet EV charging infrastructure and services, offering services for the installation, operation, and maintenance of charging points for residential and commercial customers. They provide an extensive public charging network in the San Francisco Bay Area, supporting convenient access for EV drivers. BP Pulse also offers workplace charging solutions for businesses. With various charging plans and payment options, they make it easy for EV owners to charge at home, on the go, or at designated locations. Their goal is to create a seamless and reliable charging experience, supporting the transition to electric mobility for a sustainable transportation future.

As the team at BP Pulse expanded, they encountered challenges in templatizing their processes using Excel, making it difficult to handle high-volume installation projects and impeding rapid scale to meet demand. Relying on Excel as their deployment management tool resulted in limited visibility into their ongoing projects and timelines. Recognizing the importance of finding a solution that seamlessly integrated with their existing Salesforce platform, BP Pulse identified Sitetracker as a growing player in the EV industry. They realized that Sitetracker could assist them in achieving their goals and provide the necessary tools to streamline their operations and project management effectively.


  • Technical information Forms
  • Sitetracker mobile for field technicians
  • Document generation
  • Approval document dashboards
  • Sitetracker reports for engineering


By choosing Sitetracker, BP Pulse significantly enhanced their project completion efficiency. They experienced improved cycle times for design and phase milestones, permitting, construction, and budget tracking. Sitetracker’s intelligent project templates empowered them to swiftly create new schedules for projects such as Fleet EV and New Depot. The team heavily relies on Sitetracker Forms to streamline processes such as site walks, pre-design walks, construction punch lists, and internal quality checklists. This comprehensive use of Sitetracker enables BP Pulse to optimize their project management workflows and ensure seamless execution across their operations.


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