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Meet the escalating volume, variety, and velocity of 5G projects with the essential tools for rapid, efficient, and profitable deployments across the wireless ecosystem.

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Wireless Project, Site & Asset Management

With over $13.2 Trillion in economic value created by 5G alone, tremendous opportunities and expectations now dominate the telecom industry. Accelerated telecom deployments, increased costs, and shrinking margins are a constant challenge. To succeed, the telecom ecosystem requires a better way to coordinate high volumes of projects, sites, assets, and contractors, while also driving efficiency and agile processes into operations.

As telcos rush to meet growing global demand for connectivity, the question of who will succeed hinges on the industry having comprehensive visibility into the processes and data necessary to create new efficiencies while having the operational agility to manage both expanding networks and explore new revenue opportunities from fixed wireless and private networks. 

Carriers & Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)

To address consumer demand for connectivity and compete for new subscribers, mobile network operators must walk a tightrope of complex challenges. They must strategically balance the reduction of capital expenditures with the management while also being tasked with expanding and densifying their networks with equipment upgrades and spectrum allocations. Simultaneously, they must engage in intense competition for subscribers in their core business while exploring new revenue streams like Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) models.

Sitetracker’s project and asset management solution enables mobile network operators to manage the full lifecycle of wireless infrastructure and more efficiently plan, deploy, and maintain network expansion projects in one centralized place. By optimizing resource allocation and real-time project monitoring, Sitetracker empowers mobile network operators to meet the growing demand for wireless connectivity while tightly managing costs and ensuring consistent deployment execution.

  • Streamline your operations by integrating key systems into a single solution that standardizes workflows across the entire lifecycle of digital infrastructure assets.
  • Boost efficiency and control costs with advanced tools for enterprise reporting and financial management that provide visibility, reduce risks, and deliver more accurate data.
  • Efficiently manage and track lease documents and maintenance history for comprehensive oversight of your network of sites and deployed assets.
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Wireless Contractors

Telecom professionals are essential in maintaining the connectivity crucial for our daily activities, work, and education. They navigate complex challenges such as stringent safety regulations, reduced carrier capital expenditures, and the need to lower project and operating costs. Moreover, they are increasingly looking to diversify their services, expanding into new markets like EV charger installations and fiber network deployments.

Sitetracker empowers wireless contractors to enhance efficiency through a central platform, providing a single source of truth for all wireless project data. This enables more accurate revenue forecasting. By digitizing workflows, enhancing collaboration, protecting margins, and accelerating payment processes, Sitetracker’s easy-to-use cloud tools support the entire project lifecycle, making it easier for contractors to adapt and thrive in a demanding industry.

  • Enhance cash flow and financial stability by ensuring greater alignment between project milestones and financial operations, enabling faster payments.
  • Improve overall project efficiency and first-time-through execution rate with standardized processes and operations, reducing the need for rework.
  • Accelerate the completion and billing cycle by accurately capturing site data quickly generating and delivering closeout packages, and ensuring timely payment and project turnover.

What is Wireless Project, Site & Asset Management Software?

As pressure on MNO subscriber revenues and contractor profit margins increased, more and more wireless companies and service providers are looking to telecom project, site, and asset management solutions to help drive operational excellence and create a competitive advantage. Software gives the ability to plan better from the start and work from standardized and comprehensive processes throughout the project lifecycle. It also goes beyond planning, allowing you to avoid redundant work after you leave the site and reduce rework, site audits, and truck rolls with better, digitized processes so you can increase productivity, improve quality, and ensure safety compliance. Having a single tool that can unify your data, standardize processes, and provide all parties better visibility—internal and external—is now a critical component for those companies looking to compete, grow, and scale in the 5G era and beyond.

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Why Sitetracker?

What got you here won’t get you where you want to grow. It’s time to move beyond tired spreadsheet trackers, retire aging legacy software, and strive for operational excellence with an industry-leading solution purpose-built for wireless infrastructure deployment that offers comprehensive visibility, efficiency, and ease of use—all built on a future-proof platform proven to deliver profitable growth at scale.

  • Centralize data for a single source of truth across portfolios and systems, including real-time visibility into project and site data for quick decision-making.
  • Implement standardized project workflows for diverse job types to ensure projects are done correctly the first time, reducing delays and avoiding costly additional truck rolls.
  • Connect your IT ecosystem for the seamless flow of data across critical systems and greater reliability and accuracy in data for forecasting, reporting, and accounting and forecasting. 
  • Produce more accurate and timely management reports for internal stakeholders and customer project meetings, enhancing decision-making and project steering capabilities.
  • Track external variables such as delays in zoning applications, build permits, and notice to proceed authorizations to mitigate forecast and timeline risks proactively.  
  • Align financial processes with project milestones to facilitate faster payment cycles.
  • Quickly create closeout packages using document generation mobile platforms, speeding up project completion and billing cycles.
  • Dispatch field crews and contractors to the right jobs at the right times based on location, skills, and certifications.

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