From small cells to fiber to towers, Sitetracker ensures the rapid, efficient, and successful deployment of critical telecom infrastructure worldwide.

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Telecom Management Software

In an era where 5G, fiber, and IoT are reshaping connectivity, the global telecom ecosystem stands at the brink of a transformative wave, poised to unlock unprecedented economic value. However, this bright future is shadowed by the complex challenges of deploying critical infrastructures rapidly and efficiently.  From navigating a maze of logistical hurdles to meeting increasingly high expectations from investors, customers, and consumers, operators, infrastructure owners, and contractors face immense pressure to deliver. In this high-stakes environment, success hinges on mastering the art of managing a dizzying array of projects, sites, and assets effectively and profitably. 

In the midst of this high-velocity landscape, Sitetracker stands as a pivotal end-to-end cloud platform to do more with less, faster. Engineered to streamline the intricacies of managing telecom projects, sites, and assets at scale, Sitetracker empowers stakeholders by fostering seamless collaboration, driving precise execution, optimizing resources, and delivering holistic operational visibility. From expediting deployments to enhancing operational efficiencies, Sitetracker ensures that your projects are not only on time and within budget but also set new standards of process excellence that allow you to stay ahead in the race to deploy next-gen connectivity.

Fiber Network Deployment

As broadband investments grow, so does the need to deploy fiber networks efficiently, accurately, on time, and within budget. Sitetracker provides end-to-end solutions for network planning, engineering, outside plant construction management, fulfillment, and closeout, enabling broadband providers and contractors to accelerate their project timelines while controlling costs and maintaining high standards of quality and compliance.

  • Digitize workflows that enable cross-functional teams to efficiently and accurately plan, build, manage, and deliver broadband projects
  • Streamline collaboration and handoffs across planning, engineering, and OSP construction activities with integrated GIS data.
  • Centralize program data and project financials for a single source of truth that fosters operational efficiencies and visibility into daily production and project execution.
  • Assign resources for surveys and fieldwork and easily capture high-quality field data via mobile and standardized closeout packages.
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Rooftop installation of modern telecommunications equipment with two tall antenna towers against a backdrop of a cloudy sky and urban skyline.

Wireless Network Deployment

Sitetracker empowers the wireless network ecosystem to conquer the challenges of 5G deployment by streamlining network upgrades and densification projects, delivering greater visibility across site and asset portfolios, and fostering seamless collaboration between mobile network operators (MNOs) and contractors. Whether upgrading and decommissioning existing sites or densifying networks with new sites, small cells, and DAS, Sitetracker provides the platform to drive rapid, efficient rollouts across the lifecycle plan, build, operate, and maintain networks, ensuring faster rollouts, improved operational excellence, and data-driven decision-making.

  • Expand network coverage and capacity efficiently, aligning with the rapid pace of 5G infrastructure development.
  • Gain a comprehensive view of projects, sites, and assets, ensuring efficient resource allocation and continuous communication among all stakeholders.
  • Streamline order-to-cash processes on a single, unified platform, improving delivery timelines and quality standards.
  • Get paid faster with streamlined closeout packages that ensure site and job data is captured correctly the first time and are ready for submission in minutes, not days.

Tower Site & Asset Management

A historic pace of change is setting the stage for an evolution in how tower companies and digital infrastructure firms operate. Carrier divestitures and carveouts, market consolidation, and a rapid global increase in data consumption necessitate more agile deployments – revealing cracks in legacy systems, processes, and datasets that are difficult to share and analyze. But managing your assets, and those of your tenants, and site-level activity should be easier. From tracking lease data to reducing colocation turnaround times, Sitetracker enables efficient digital transformation for unparalleled planning, development, operation, and optimization of tower portfolios.

  • Accelerate time to revenue with efficient colocation processes that make it easier to collaborate on opportunities with tenants and get rents coming in faster.  
  • Create a system of record for your deployed assets and those of your tenants, and improve visibility into capacity. 
  • Track your lease data and streamline financial analysis, reporting, and decision-making. 
  • Improve project delivery for site upgrades and accelerate site development with repeatable templates and collaboration tools that foster alignment with your partners and contractors.
Sunset view of a cell tower surrounded by forested land, with antennas and satellite dishes highlighted against a vibrant sky

What is Telecom Management Software?

In the telecommunications sector, being able to remotely supervise and oversee a high volume of distributed projects, such as deployments and maintenance, is key to being profitable. Project management for deployments is all about gaining visibility into enterprise-scale telco projects to keep them on budget, on time, and deliver quality to your customers. By executing programs with confidence, you can create company-wide value and attain a shorter path to revenue. It requires an immense amount of effort to coordinate and manage multiple teams and channels efficiently. That’s where telecom management software and FSM apps come into the picture.

As the push for greater connectivity increases, so does the need for solutions that make the management of telecom assets, deployments, and budgets more streamlined.

Enterprises that are responsible for complex telco deployments, which often span the globe, stand to benefit the most from purpose-built telecom management software. From broadband infrastructure expansion to fiber, tower installations, and maintenance, having a tool that allows your field teams and in-office staff to view all assets throughout their lifecycle has become invaluable.

Why Sitetracker?

Ditch tangible spreadsheets and first-generation telco deployment tools. With the right management system, you can deliver unmatched visibility and efficiency for telco enterprises with a future-proof platform that drives profitable growth.

  • Gain a comprehensive overview of your telecom enterprise, all the way down to granular asset data.
  • Bring your workflows, project, and vendor teams together in one place.
  • Deliver an intuitive experience for your project, business, and field teams with unique capabilities like Live Trackers, a vendor portal, and a mobile app with time tracking to help teams be more productive, collaborative, and improve data visibility.
  • Easily dispatch technicians to the right jobs based on location and skills and provide them with job details, maps, and forms.
  • Complete work faster through Dynamic Forms to ensure safety, quality, and faster closeouts
  • Track assets and equipment more efficiently with the ability to scan QR and barcodes
  • Ensure accountability with geofencing, so you know checklists and jobs are completed on site
  • Improve payroll accuracy by giving your crews the ability to submit their time from their mobile devices

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