Accelerating the Future: Sitetracker Compass Benchmark Study

In the fast-moving world of planning, building, and maintaining infrastructure, speed and excellence matter. And this year, we decided to go the extra mile to really understand what’s happening on the ground. Over the past several months, we sat down with some of our dedicated customers in industries like telecommunications, renewable energy, and utilities diving into the tangible benefits they’re experiencing with Sitetracker. We touched on everything – from productivity boosts to project portfolio growth to risk reduction. 

The Findings? More Than We Hoped For

We always knew Sitetracker was driving productivity gains and business benefits for our customers, but the metrics we collected truly surpassed our expectations. Across industries like tower, fiber, construction, solar, EV, Utility, and more, Sitetracker has been a game-changer. We’re talking improved efficiency, significant growth, reduced costs, better work quality, and happier teams.

What we found:

  • Customers completed projects an average 31% faster
  • Customers reported an average of 41% portfolio growth
  • Customers saved an average of 5.5 hours of manual reporting per project per week
  • 95% of customers said Sitetracker improved the employee experience
  • 75% of customers said Sitetracker has helped them grow revenue

Read the full benchmark report here.

Our Ongoing Commitment

While the benefits can differ from one company to another, one thing remains consistent – the value obtained from Sitetracker is helping accelerate the transition to a fully connected and sustainable future. Fiber broadband networks are being introduced faster than ever, EV charging station infrastructure is booming, 5G upgrades continue in key markets, and many more types of work are moving our world forward. 

The Road Ahead

As technology adoption continues, we anticipate updating these benchmarks and helping our customer community strive for stronger business results. Sitetracker continues to innovate and deliver value with capabilities that help our customers deploy what’s next.