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As modern TowerCos evolve to keep pace with a rapidly changing industry, Sitetracker is enabling digital transformation for the unparalleled management, monetization, and optimization of tower portfolios.

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Digitize your Tower Operations with a Single Platform

A contradictory market landscape unfolds in the dynamic world of modern TowerCos. The rapid deployment of 5G networks has catalyzed a significant shift, with carrier divestitures leading to reshuffling tower portfolios. This transformation offers TowerCos increased autonomy and paves the way for innovative leaps, such as the emerging potential of digital twins in managing critical infrastructure. However, amidst this promising growth backdrop, TowerCos face the challenge of navigating global economic uncertainties. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to maintain lean operations, enhance tenant ratios, and explore novel revenue streams.

To adeptly steer through these evolving industry waters, TowerCos are increasingly relying on specialized Digitized Tower Operations Systems to manage telecom sites and assets. These solutions are not just tools; they’re catalysts for optimizing site development, fine-tuning operations, and unlocking the full revenue potential of neutral-host infrastructure. By embracing these systems, TowerCos can deliver exceptional tenant and employee experiences, gain comprehensive insights into site data and financials, and adopt industry-proven best practices. This holistic approach is vital to scaling effectively and profitably capitalizing on the rising demand.

Streamline Site Development

With consumer demand for data continuing to grow exponentially, mobile network operators are under pressure to continue expanding and densifying 5G networks. For TowerCos, strategic and efficient site acquisition and site development activities are critical to expediently meeting tenant and investor commitments. Sitetracker assists TowerCos in meeting requirements through digitized project management workflows that ensure accuracy in activity tracking, forecasting, and reporting, resulting in timely and high-quality project delivery.

  • Power standardized business processes with configurable and flexible templates that ensure consistency and reduce errors.
  • Facilitate the rapid deployment of build-to-suit projects with digitized project tracking across every milestone from zoning and permitting, to construction and closeout.
  • Centralize previously disconnected data sources, enhancing reporting and project visibility while accelerating decision-making processes.
Technician in a harness working on a cell tower, assisted by a crane with a blue arm against a cloudy sky
Aerial view of a large cell tower overlooking a suburban neighborhood with roads and houses

Maximize Tower Monetization

Pricing pressure from operators, rising costs, and growing competition for sites and tenants are just a few of the increasingly complex threats to TowerCo’s margins. However, costly manual workflows for colocations and lease administration and legacy systems that slow down time to on-air are more manageable problems to solve, yet just as prevalent. Public maps and forms are available for site inquiries and colocation applications, which facilitate collaboration with tenants and speed up time to on-air and rent commencement. Further cost savings can be realized by utilizing Sitetracker as a single system of record, delivering visibility across Tower portfolios, including site capacity, tracking assets, and lease administration.

  • Maintain full visibility into your tower portfolio with site details, tenants, work, history, and more in a single view.
  • Easily manage site leases, including master agreements, critical dates, payment schedules, key clauses, and documents 
  • Reduce delays in your colocation application process with repeatable workflows to get tenants on air sooner and sites producing revenue faster.

Optimize Tower Operations

While technologies like Digital Twins provide exciting aspirations, smarter tower operations will come first to those organizations dedicated to operational agility and excellence. Sitetracker offers a fully end-to-end platform for managing tower business operations that not only integrates effortlessly with existing IT systems but also enhances every facet of tower portfolio management, from monitoring sites and assets to maintenance workflows, managing third-party contractors, and robust reports and dashboards.

  • Seamlessly integrate with critical systems like CRM, ERP, and GIS for better coordination of data and reduced IT costs.
  • Centralize management of contractors for preventative maintenance and break/fix jobs 
  • Make high-quality decisions and forecasts with powerful tower dashboards, reports, and analytics.
Close-up of a technician wearing safety gear while sitting on the red framework of a tower
A cell tower on a green hillside with digital network connectivity lines illustrated against a clear blue sky

What is Digitized Tower Operations Software?

Sitetracker’s Digitized Tower Operations System revolutionizes how Tower Companies manage their projects, sites, and assets. Embracing digitization, this platform transforms business operations by infusing digital strategies into every workflow—from marketing and leasing assets to efficient management, operation, and maintenance. Sitetracker provides real-time visibility into the entire project lifecycle, covering site acquisition, colocation, permitting, construction, deployment, and ongoing maintenance. This comprehensive digital toolset enables Tower Companies to make data-driven decisions that enhance operational efficiency, scalability, and profitability, ensuring robust and efficient management of telecommunications infrastructure.

Why Sitetracker?

Tower Companies face a critical choice: evolve digitally or risk being left behind.

Embracing a digital-first strategy with Sitetracker enables companies to seamlessly integrate with existing IT ecosystems and tracks the entire lifecycle of assets and leases in a single platform. This means a unified view of all assets, streamlined collocations, and digitized interactions with contractors, tenants, and landlords. By replacing cumbersome, manual processes with Sitetracker’s suite of tower workflows, Tower Companies can better understand their capacity, become more accessible to do business with, enhance operational efficiency, leading to reduced costs and accelerated time to revenue. Adopting Sitetracker is not just an option in the race to digital excellence—it’s a strategic imperative for Tower Companies aiming to lead in tomorrow’s telecom landscape.

  • Centralize data across tower sites, assets, and systems to maintain a unified source of truth.
  • Streamline colocation processes, from application to lease agreements, and manage all assets and leases with precision.
  • Accelerate site development using detailed trackers that monitor activities and milestones.
  • Integrate all workflows, projects, and vendor interactions onto a single platform for improved operational efficiency.
  • Standardize field operations with dynamic forms to ensure safety, quality, and reduce cycle times.
  • Boost productivity and collaboration through live trackers, tenant and contractor portals, and a comprehensive mobile app.
  • Enhance decision-making with Reports and Dashboards, featuring real-time data and analytics.
  • Optimize field crew and contractor dispatch, ensuring they are well-equipped for efficient performance.

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