Tillman Infrastructure powers new tower construction and co-location management with Sitetracker

Tillman Infrastructure (TI) is a rapidly growing cellular tower and telecom infrastructure company that builds and owns wireless assets across the United States. When founding the company in 2016, Tillman Global Holdings’ CEO, Sanjiv Ahuja, and Managing Director, Bill Pollack, understood that improving operational efficiency was one of the major keys to competing with existing tower companies. They chose Sitetracker for TI’s project and asset management in February 2017 — the first software application adopted by the new company — in anticipation of both rapid growth and the need to keep operational costs lower than the industry standard.

TI signed a landmark agreement with AT&T and Verizon in November 2017 to build hundreds of new towers nationwide —  the first time the two carriers have partnered on such an agreement[1]. TI’s partnership with Sitetracker meant that they already had a world-class framework in place for planning, tracking, managing, and maintaining their assets from the start, as well as a platform built to help increase the use of their towers over time.

Quickly scaling a new business

As their portfolio grew exponentially, TI’s operations division needed to scale quickly, ensuring that their staff could take on more projects. TI now uses Sitetracker to manage thousands of sites. With a single, real-time source of truth, TI can effectively coordinate work across its nationwide team and large construction-vendor network. As TI grew, they could see that their investment in Sitetracker was paying off; they scaled their business by managing all their projects in the platform to continue growing their top-line effectively.

“Sitetracker is the operational backbone of our business.”
— Bill Pollack, Managing Director at Tillman Infrastructure

Actionable asset data

Sitetracker’s full-lifecycle project and asset management platform gives TI instant access to all of its site and asset data, which is particularly valuable for tower owners who want to advertise assets for co-location. TI will manage co-location applications on its website, tillmaninfrastructure.com, through Sitetracker — surfacing tower information through online maps that show current and future co-location opportunities, from which interested parties can apply directly for a specific site. Real-time reporting on site status and project completion also enables TI to fine-tune its financial and operational forecasts for the months and years ahead.

Partners in evolving the platform

TI’s business needs are evolving as quickly as their company is growing. Access to Sitetracker’s customer success and business transformation teams allows TI to continually add new functions and improve upon existing ones, without breaking the bank on custom software development. Sitetracker also adds new features to the platform each month, which keeps TI at the forefront of adopting the latest advancements in project and asset management.

Sitetracker is proud to be an integral part of Tillman Infrastructure’s growth from a new player in the tower market to one of the nation’s leading wireless asset owners and operators.

“The Tillman team is rewriting the playbook on operational excellence and innovation — we are proud to be their partner and support their outstanding growth.”
— Giuseppe Incitti, Sitetracker CEO

[1] “AT&T and Verizon Threaten the Big Three Towercos with a New Tillman 200 Tower Scheme.” Wireless Estimator, 13 Nov. 2017, wirelessestimator.com/articles/2017/att-and-verizon-threaten-the-big-three-towercos-with-a-new-tillman-200-tower-scheme/.