Preparing for What’s Next: How FiberCos Can Maximize BEAD Funding

Are you ready to manage BEAD grant applications and awards?

Broadband Equity Access and Deployment (BEAD) program funds are now being distributed in order to bridge the digital divide and provide high-speed broadband internet access to communities across America. This is putting pressure on telecom companies, particularly fiber operators and contractors, to properly manage state grant monies and turn them into a fast clip of deployments in underserved markets. In order to navigate this competitive landscape efficiently, telecom companies are embracing robust project management solutions that provide a single source of truth for all of their segment, project, and asset data.

On June 26th the White House and the NTIA officially announced state allocations for BEAD funding, ushering in a new phase of fiber broadband deployment in the United States. BEAD funding presents a unique set of challenges for telecom companies. These state-issued grants aim to expand high-speed internet access across underserved areas, driving the need for rapid deployment and efficient project execution. However, state-by-state grant award processes, complex reporting requirements, and increased scrutiny demand high transparency and accuracy. Manual or disjointed project management approaches, with multiple sources of information, can lead to errors, delays, and compliance issues. This is where systems of record for deployment become critical.

Fortunately, Sitetracker is ready to support your BEAD grant tracking – check out our infographic below to learn more!

Easily coordinate funding, budgets, deployments, and more 

From managing budgets and permits to subcontractors and closeouts, Sitetracker provides a single source of truth for every aspect of your telecom projects. Manage a program’s lifecycle from start to finish and expedite each stage of your fiber projects with our deployment operations software. Request a live demo today.