BT Enterprise Sites Handles their Entire Small Cell Portfolio in Sitetracker

‘BT Sites’ manages mobile infrastructure across BT-owned properties. Their business helps communication providers and other organizations to provide fixed or mobile phone services. The business selected Sitetracker to centralise data from all divisions in order to make data-driven decisions and save time on reporting.

BT Group consists of multiple divisions including: EE, BT Sites, and BT Networks offering local and long-distance phone service, as well as internet access. BT Group is also a managed services provider (MSP). Their team quickly realized a need to centralise data from all divisions in order to make data-driven decisions and save time on reporting. The BT team fully invested in finding a product that would meet their needs and help drive their success.


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With Sitetracker, we’re now able to manage hundreds of customers more easily and provide them with better quality service and support. Our customers are happier than ever which gives them the confidence to provide us with more work–helping us grow exponentially.
Aasim Afzal Product Delivery Manager at BT Sites

“BT uses Sitetracker to oversee the end-to-end project lifecycle…”

‘BT Sites’ works with more than 1,400 communications companies like Sky, Talk Talk, O2, Three, and Virgin Media, but lacked the ability to gain quick insights into project progress and completion, making SLA discussions with customers difficult. Their existing systems were unable to provide the reporting necessary for success, so they turned to cloud-based deployment operations management software to gain a single source of truth for their business.

BT uses Sitetracker to oversee the end-to-end project lifecycle, so that they can bring construction and project teams together to drive better collaboration and communication and move projects forward faster. Starting with best practice processes and automation helps BT efficiently plan, build, and maintain high volumes of distributed projects and assets. BT also relies on the Sitetracker platform, which is built on Salesforce, to help them innovate and stay agile because it benefits from the same machine learning, enterprise-grade security, and easy-to-use experiences trusted by the world’s largest companies and governments.


  • Intelligent Project Templates that standardize repeatable projects and activities
  • Full Project Management including Project Schedules, forecasting, and teams
  • Trackers to quickly view and manage a high volume of work together
  • Reports & Dashboards to determine the most probable and accurate forecast dates, predict project performance, and cycle times.
  • Sitetracker Mobile, and Dynamic Forms all – reducing rework and increasing utilization rates.


BT sites is modernising their service and looking to double productivity by transforming how they work in the office and in the field. With Sitetracker, BT Sites increased their productivity and their project managers gained the ability to provide higher quality work with collaborative Trackers and contextual project information at their fingertips. As a result, they are now able to manage thousands of Sites and Projects all within one centralized location.


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