Standardize processes and enhance productivity with our latest release

Sitetracker’s latest release delivers numerous enhancements and overall improved user experience. As a true software as a service platform, we deliver frequent releases in enterprise functionality automatically without the need for any manual updates. Our first release of 2019 ensures we continue to deliver a fast, powerful user-friendly experience for executives, project managers and field technicians alike.

Do more on Sitetracker Mobile

Mobility is an essential component of project management. Sitetracker Mobile is the most efficient way to connect teams and streamline workflows. With our latest release, even more functionality has been brought into Sitetracker Mobile.

Trackers are now easily viewable in Sitetracker Mobile. Trackers allow you to have a holistic view of your entire project portfolio on your mobile device. As a result, you can take this essential feature to the field and have even more project management power in your hands.

Likewise, now you can access and update expenses on your mobile device. You can display, edit, and add Personal Expenses and Expense Reports directly. Have more access to what you need on your mobile device to increase your productivity in the field and on the go.

We are constantly bringing more functionality into Sitetracker Mobile with each release.

Streamlined Template Designer

Enhance productivity and improve standardization with Template Designer. Enable admins to customize the data fields for each project ensuring each project has all the necessary information.

With our latest release, save time by creating Checklist Activities directly from the Template Designer. A streamlined interface makes Template Designer easier to navigate. Help Text and Icons now display for all fields in the Template Designer to provide the utmost clarity as you structure and standardize your project steps and milestones.

Trackers are more intuitive than ever

Trackers are essential in managing a high volume of projects. Enjoy the look and feel of spreadsheets but with much more power.  

With our latest release navigate trackers with more efficiency than ever to increase your productivity Usability is key as you make updates across thousands of projects. Our streamlined tracker navigation ensures you can spend more time managing your teams and workflows.   

Now you can create, update or clone a Tracker directly from a map. Maps and trackers together provide multiple holistic views of your project portfolio. Bringing these two powerful features together to save time and more efficiently plan your portfolio growth.  

All the benefits of our latest release

Sitetracker customers have access to more information and training on each of these powerful features through Sitetracker EDU. For those who are not yet Sitetracker users, learn more about the Sitetracker platform with a live personalized demo.