Sitetracker to Explore Solutions to Rural Digital Divide at Connect (X) Conference

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sitetracker, the leading deployment operations management software for critical infrastructure providers, will be a speaker at the Connect(X) conference in Denver. Brant Carter, director of telecom industry products, will explore the complexities of and solutions to the digital divide in rural areas. 

In the session, Can Rural Deployments Make Money and Bridge the Digital Divide?, taking place on Tuesday, May 24 at 3:45 p.m., Carter and industry peers will share industry-leading insights into ways wireless operators are using recent infrastructure budgets to expand broadband in rural and underserved areas. The panel will explore best practices for efficient deployments, including strategies to ensure coordinated, integrated roll-outs.

Sitetracker will share the insights it’s derived from being the deployment operations management provider of choice for most of the world’s largest wireless, telecom and tower operators.

“Rural broadband continues to vex the industry due to its complexity and significant financial investment, yet if we share clear and real best practices about rural broadband infrastructure deployment, we can make this goal a reality,” said Carter. “I’m looking forward to connecting with peers and being part of this panel with my esteemed peers.”

Sitetracker recently released its Tower solution which is enabling telecom providers and tower operators to integrate their 5G deployments, among other deployments. Sitetracker will have experts on hand at Connect(X) to discuss its Tower solutions, as well as other deployment infrastructure management solutions for other network and utility operators.

About Sitetracker
Sitetracker powers the rapid deployment of tomorrow’s infrastructure. The global leader in deployment operations management software, Sitetracker helps innovative companies like British Telecom, KPN, Segra, and Chargepoint manage millions of sites and assets representing over $150 billion in portfolio holdings. By giving telecommunications, utility, smart cities, and energy teams a  cloud-based solution that works easily and effectively, Sitetracker is accelerating the path to digital equity and a more sustainable future. Deploy what’s next.