Sitetracker is on a Mission

The world is rapidly changing, and with it comes the need for businesses to adapt and grow. As a leader in deployment operations management software across the telecommunications and energy sectors, Sitetracker is taking this challenge head-on by introducing its new mission statement: “Accelerate the transition to a fully connected and sustainable future.” 

Our new mission statement articulates why Sitetracker exists and the importance of our customers’ work to accelerate the deployment of telecommunications, energy, and other critical infrastructure. Internet access and renewable energy solutions give consumers everywhere access to new innovations and products that improve their lives. The faster we can build and maintain this infrastructure at scale, the faster we all can more effectively learn and thrive.

A Connected Future 

Sitetracker powers projects, sites, and assets that are connecting people everywhere through fiber broadband, 5G, fixed wireless access, DAS, and more. By bringing the industry closer together through how projects, sites, and assets are managed, we’re able to bring new levels of efficiency and quality to the deployment and maintenance of critical infrastructure. This significantly impacts the digital divide–helping people connect, learn, and succeed regardless of income or location.The telecom ecosystem is always evolving and Sitetracker is committed to introducing new and better ways for you to plan, build, and maintain your networks and assets to further the important work you’re doing.

A Sustainable Future

In order to achieve net zero goals, businesses and governments need to improve energy efficiency, invest in green infrastructure, and encourage sustainable consumption and production. Sitetracker works with electric vehicle charging, solar, and other clean energy companies every day–powering a high volume of repeatable projects and delivering real-time insights that improve how efficiently and profitably they can install and maintain their assets. In fact, Sitetracker’s customers currently power approximately 50% of the existing charging ports in the U.S. These innovative teams are moving us all towards a more sustainable future.

Sitetracker employees have always been empowered to go further for our customers and partners so they can quickly advance the progress that’s already been made in global connectivity and sustainability. Our new mission will help reinforce that commitment and our reason for coming to work motivated every day.