Release 47 delivers conditional formatting, collapsible job planner map, and more!

TL;DR? Check out the webinar recording detailing Release 47 in the Sitetracker Community.

Sitetracker’s Release 47 focuses heavily on enhancing the capabilities of Trackers, bringing in more advanced spreadsheet-like functionality such as conditional formatting, and increasing the usability of Job Planner as a dispatcher’s command center.


Find data more efficiently with conditional formatting

  • Create rules to automatically highlight the background or change the text formatting of individual records to ensure relevant data is discoverable at a glance

  • Further enhance tracker data focus and visibility with color filtering. Color filtering works regardless of how the color applied, e.g. through highlight cell, row, or conditional formatting


Job Planner

Get notified when too many records will cause an error within the Job Planner calendar

  • Users will now get an error message when the calendar is trying to load more than 15 megabytes of data, which would cause the Job Scheduler to stop functioning


To read the full release notes, head to the Sitetracker Community! For even more information and training, head to the brand new Sitetracker EDU, which will have helpful articles, tutorials, how-to videos, webinar recordings, and more around our latest release.