Increase market share and gain new business by embracing change in the era of network densification

There has been a shift in the telecom industry. Everyone is talking about the race to 5G, but are we taking it’s effect seriously?

Billions of dollars are being invested in mobile network infrastructure to keep up with capacity and speed demands. These investments include fiber installation, traditional tower builds, and small cell deployment. Network densification is creating an increasingly complex and competitive environment.

Now more than ever, delivering infrastructure projects requires a more modern and efficient approach. Are you adequately prepared for the new competition coming to the market? These new entrants have new ideas and technology that can differentiate them from the pack. Innovators are embracing change in order to pull ahead of the competition. Do you have the right technology and processes in place to ensure that you are integrated seamlessly with your partners and vendors?  

Network Densification means waving goodbye to the status quo

As of 2017 more than 20 billion devices are online. Consequently, more cellular infrastructure is needed to shoulder the capacity load and maintain speeds. Analysts have predicted that the number of cell sites in the U.S will increase to more than 450,000 in 2025, up from around 298,000 in 2014. This is the effect network densification is having on the industry. Your organization is going to have to make changes to remain competitive.  

With the telecom industry evolving, the relative market share and momentum that companies experience will shift. Many companies that have enjoyed stable business and even growth for the past five or 10 years are finding themselves faced with new competitors from neighboring regions or even national players that have found a niche. Therefore, maintaining market share and ensuring a steady stream of new business is critical to maintaining momentum and avoiding a downward spiral of lost customers, employee dissatisfaction. loss of quality talent, and so on. It is the responsibility of executives to adequately prepare their organization for this new reality.  

Join changemakers in the telecom industry to get ahead of the pack

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