Fullerton partners with Sitetracker to efficiently and dynamically manage project workflows

This week, Sitetracker is announcing a partnership with Fullerton who will be using the Sitetracker Platform to efficiently and dynamically manage project workflows. They will reduce the time spent gathering data and creating reports, compress project timelines, and more efficiently track and manage projects.

For over 20 years, Fullerton has provided wireless and wireline service providers with superior engineering and site development solutions for all generations of telecommunications technologies. Their team of engineers, project managers, site acquisition specialists, construction managers, and designers have successfully participated in the design and analysis of over 40,000 telecommunication sites and hundreds of route miles nationwide.

The challenge of scaling operational processes to meet project volume demands can seem daunting. Fullerton is addressing this by using the Sitetracker Platform to enhance productivity, reduce the time spent manually entering and deduplicating data from siloed systems, and provide managers with greater insights from project start to finish.

Matt Bellagamba, Fullerton President and CEO, said, “We’re looking forward to having all site and project data in one place, a single source of truth that can be shared with real-time access to live data. We evaluated other project management platforms and they just didn’t have the same reporting capabilities. Sitetracker will have a strong impact on how we take action on project creation, vendor tracking and comparisons, project status, and more. The mapping capabilities are a great, too — that could be a product on its own.”

Giuseppe Incitti, Sitetracker CEO, looks forward to exceeding Fullerton’s expectations with a seamless implementation process and eliminating the need for manual project tracking in spreadsheets. “Fullerton is moving from a hodge-podge of on-premises tools to a fully integrated SaaS solution, Sitetracker. Fullerton will now be able to effectively manage project workflows for all of their projects. The Sitetracker team looks forward to providing a platform to enable Fullerton to scale their business to meet their customers’ needs.”

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