Find your way with maps and guide mobile teams with our latest release

Sitetracker’s latest release delivers numerous enhancements and overall improved user experience in key parts of the platform, most notably with our project management mobile app, Sitetracker Mobile. As a true Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution you always and automatically have access to the latest, best version of Sitetracker. Sitetracker delivers frequent improvements in enterprise functionality and security automatically, without the need for any manual updates. Our second release of 2019 ensures that we continue to deliver a fast, powerful, user-friendly experience for your whole organization— whether you’re an executive, project manager, or field technician.

Streamline workflows with Sitetracker Mobile

Find what you need faster with improved search capabilities in Sitetracker Mobile. Search and access sites, projects, activities, and trackers from your mobile device. Quickly access newly created records. Easily select and display favorite projects, sites, and programs. The information you and your team needs is right there on your mobile devices, such as your smartphone and tablet.

Streamlining workflows is one of the biggest benefits of our project management mobile app, Sitetracker Mobile. You can easily upload photos directly to Sitetracker. Use configurable forms and checklists to guide mobile teams and ensure that inspections and upgrades are completed quickly and thoroughly. Your teams in the field will have the uninterrupted site and project context – available anytime, anywhere.

Save time with Maps

Save time when planning your site trips with Sitetrackers Maps. Maps help to plan out the most efficient route between sites, identify trends, and gain a bird’s eye view of your projects. They are a great visual aid when planning and dispatching resources. Hard to find sites can be accurately marked on Sitetracker Maps, ensuring your team can locate the site in the field and complete tasks faster.

When you are out in the field using Sitetracker Mobile, use your current location to create a record right then and there. With our latest release, you can create a new record, such as a project or asset, based on your current location or a location on a map. There’s no need to write down latitudes and longitudes. The new record is instantly available on your mobile device and desktop applications.

Get mobile project management at your fingertips. Find Sitetracker Mobile on the App Store and Google Play.

More about our latest release

Current Sitetracker customers have access to more information and training on updates and features through Sitetracker EDU. If you are not a current Sitetracker user you can learn more about the Sitetracker platform with a live personalized demo.