Digital Equity at Sitetracker

Sitetracker was established with a clear objective to enable the seamless connectivity and digital transformation of our modern society. Our valued customers play a pivotal role in fostering collaboration, driving innovation, and enhancing productivity, while also ensuring that individuals can actively participate in their communities and connect with their loved ones.

While we diligently concentrate on enhancing connectivity in areas that are already well-served, we are equally dedicated to expediting the development of digital infrastructure in underserved regions. We fulfill this commitment by actively engaging with our customers, investing in relevant initiatives, and volunteering our time and resources to support organizations that champion digital equity and strive to create inclusive prosperity for all.

Related to digital equity, Sitetracker is working toward two objectives

Accelerate Access to Underserved Communities

We are working to accelerate the deployment of 5G, fixed wireless access (FWA), and fiber broadband in underserved communities in two ways.

Enable Wireless & FWA

Provide MNOs, WISPs, equipment manufacturers, and other telecommunications providers with the project tools that allow them to efficiently deploy 5G, FWA, and more in underserved communities.

Enable Fiber Operators & Contractors

Provide fiber operators and contractors with project tools that allow them to efficiently deploy fiber broadband in underserved communities and budgeting tools that allow them to receive and allocate fund dollars towards deployments.

Increase Digital Literacy

The successful utilization of online services necessitates a crucial blend of digital literacy and the availability of secure and user-friendly technology. As our economy progressively relies on technology, the employment landscape of tomorrow will undoubtedly be shaped by automation, AI, and other emerging digital advancements. To prosper in this ever-evolving digital realm, the upcoming generation of workers must acquire and demonstrate proficiency in digital skills.

At Sitetracker, we’re committed to using our expertise to educate our communities on the use of digital technologies to enrich individuals’ personal and professional lives.