6 Questions for Data Led Project Managers

Project Managers:
Ask yourself these 6 data-related
questions – NOW!


Picture this: it’s a beautiful summer’s day and you’re cruisin’ down the highway at 80 mph. You’re playing your favorite tunes and you haven’t got a care in the world. The rubber is on the road and the wind is in your hair – you’re loving life.

Now imagine trying to do the same drive and only being able to use your rearview mirror. How long do you think you will last before you crash? If you drive anything like me, I’m guessing not that long…

Driving when you’ve only got your rearview mirror to guide you is akin to planning and executing on projects without any completion reports. Or booking another contractor on a project not knowing that they are the least efficient in your roster. Or worse still, that your speed to revenue recognition is 2.5x worse than your company-wide average.

With this in mind, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself these important questions:

  • What vendors do we work with that complete the job on time, every time?
  • Where are our delays — in general or at any one point in time during my projects?
  • How do I report on project changes in real-time? Or should I keep spending an inordinate amount of time waiting for “system” updates?
  • Where can I see a map that shows the status of all of our ongoing and completed projects visually?
  • Would my day be better if I had a solution to all the challenges I face as a project manager?

If you took more than a few seconds answering these questions as well as all the others that popped up in between, then you need to stop looking in your rearview mirror. You need to get behind the wheel and take control of a new car specifically designed for your needs.

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