Manage operational costs with Inventory tracking.

Manage the full asset lifecycle from receipt, storage location, installation, and maintenance with Sitetracker asset and inventory tracking.

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Control costs with Inventory tracking

Update inventory in one place
Inventory tracking makes it easy for everyone, from managers in the office to techs in the field, to update asset and inventory information into one cloud-based system.

Automatic reporting
Report on your inventory at a high level by defining asset hierarchies and classifying assets by category.

Streamlined on-site
Install, Uninstall, Replace Field Assets via a mobile device using barcode scanning on Sitetracker Mobile.

Gain visibility and control over your inventory.
Track serialized, unserialized, and container tracked inventory by correctly maintaining a link between asset and site. Provide flows to receive, consume, transfer, and adjust asset movement for both serialized and unserialized assets. Flag assets that are no longer available for use.
Streamline field operations with accurate inventory tracking.
View and maintain asset hierarchies to have visibility of what an asset looks like, along with all of its subcomponents. Indicate which equipment is required for a Job and make it easy for field crews to install, uninstall, and replace field assets via barcode scanning.
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Want to optimize how your field crews operate?

Job Planner
Make sure you dispatch the right crew to the right Job with Job Planner.
Sitetracker Mobile
Find out how Sitetracker Mobile can revolutionize the way your field teams capture data.
Manage the work measured in days, hours, and minutes with Jobs in Sitetracker.

Download the Sitetracker Inventory Datasheet