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Site Inventory

Manage site inventory and assets with real-time reports and powerful dashboards to identify issues and alert stakeholders. Sitetracker Work Management enables teams to leverage data such as technician skill sets, available inventory, and maintenance schedules to provide valuable insights about service effectiveness and scheduling efficiency.

Identify trends

Managers can see patterns and trends which lead to exponential improvements in asset maintenance.

Improve maintenance metrics

Teams can improve their maintenance metrics by completing regular preventative maintenance, improving their First Time Fix rate, and resolving Break-Fix issues faster with Sitetracker Work Management.

Site Inventory
Sitetracker + Towers


With slim margins in the industry, it is essential to effectively plan, deploy, maintain, and grow site rollouts on time and on budget.

Single source of truth

Sitetracker provides visibility into the rollout process by acting as a single source of truth.

Site evaluations

Evaluate potential project sites in geographical and historical context.

Vendor analytics

Use Vendor Analytics to connect project timelines with historical performance and ensure the best vendors are used for each project.

Stay organized

Keep track of the rollout process with approvals, candidate identifications, survey management, milestone SLAs, and documentation control in one place.


Visibility into rollouts and a single source of truth will ensure projects are finished quickly, site acquisitions are faster, contract management is standardized and revenue is accelerated.

Accelerate revenue generation

Sitetracker helps standardize rollout processes and ensures speedy site acquisitions and dependable delivery.

Manage tower assets, leases, contracts, and more with Sitetracker

Sitetracker + Towers

Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquisitions require you to keep all your ducks in a row from the beginning. Sitetracker helps you do that in the following three steps.

Stay Organized

With Sitetracker, all information about each tower is captured in one place which means it is easy to be organized and efficient when gathering the required data and information for each site.

Collect accurate data

From there, you can use Sitetracker to manage the acquisition process by creating a custom template that outlines every step and ensures compliance with regulations and has all the right data in one place.

Plan for growth

Once the new towers are acquired, Sitetracker easily integrates information and helps provide a plan for growth in the future.


Automate and reduce error potential across billing, invoicing and project financials. Stay on top of project financials with instant insight into expenses and revenues. Configure integration to automatically generate invoices at billable milestones or lease payments. Easily report on billing activity and forecast lease payments and billable events.


Standardize and automate leasing processes with scalable intelligent project templates. Keep track of everything–documents, lease renewals, termination procedures–in one place. Increase accountability for internal teams and external parties such as landlords. Standardization, automation and visibility help ensure that you maximize monetization for each tower.

Efficiently manage tower assets, leases, contracts, and more today.

Operations & Maintenance

Realize an unparalleled level of operational efficiency with Sitetracker’s full lifecycle project management platform.

Keep towers in working order and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Quickly make maintenance decisions with the most up-to-date data.

Track project tasks and enable field and office teams to work together seamlessly.

Live, cross-functional, consolidated site and asset updates to ensure continuous uptime.

Operations & Maintenance

Sitetracker Mobile

Enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and strengthen collaboration across the organization with Sitetracker Mobile.

Empower your people

Easy photo uploads, configurable forms, and critical project and site context – available anytime, anywhere – ensures that projects can be completed on time and on budget, no matter where teams are.

Improve Data quality

Manual errors decrease and data quality increases, ensuring that your projects are accurately accounted for and that your business is set up for long term growth.

Sitetracker Mobile

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Make the most of co-location opportunities by standardizing processes.

Intelligent Project Templates

Intelligent Project Templates make it easy to standardize co-location processes and make them scaleable.

20% improvement in speed to revenue

Our team works with each customer to design customizable project templates that fit with your processes, helping you save time on projects and gain visibility. Sitetracker customers see a 20% improvement in speed to revenue thanks to standardized co-location processes.


Find your way with Sitetracker Maps. With Sitetracker Maps, you save time navigating from site to site, easily locate tough to find sites, and create schedules based on locations of sites so that teams are effectively deployed.

Market potential sites

Quickly share user-friendly maps to market sites to potential customers and start monetizing sites fast.

Maximize opportunities

Easily publish public-facing maps to market co-location opportunities.

Sitetracker + Towers

Reports & Dashboards

Reports and dashboards make all the information you want to analyze easily accessible.

Make sound financial decisions

Quickly create custom reports with the information you need — such as budget vs. actual spending or progress against important milestones — to identify issues, drive alignment, and allocate capital more efficiently.

Eliminate roadblocks

Say farewell to the days of spending 6 to 8 hours a week on tedious data entry. Automated reports give you time to focus on the important things. Easily forecast project progress to eliminate roadblocks and delays.

Harness the power of dashboards

Dashboards provide a global view of operations, allowing you to view multiple key performance indicators (KPIs) or other important metrics in a single view. Use dashboards to get a birds’-eye view of your tower operations and easily pinpoint where improvements can be made.

Site Access

Site Access

Keep track of activity at each site and make sure your sites are secure.

Secure your sites

Make sure sites are secure by using Sitetracker Mobile to capture live photos and videos of sites. Plus, Sitetracker Mobile empowers teams to share information live between field teams and the office ensuring sites are secure.

Keep track of who is visiting a site, when they are on site and how long they are there with customized project templates and forms.

Plan, deploy, maintain and grow your tower projects with Sitetracker
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