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Companies like EVgo, Chargepoint, and Volta use Sitetracker to supercharge their EV project management.

With Sitetracker, EV companies:

Gain granular project control
Dial-in your EV projects. See all information about your projects in one system, make updates and decisions, and notify stakeholders like subcontractors in real-time.

Manage risk
From safety risks to something going awry on a site, there is a lot to keep track of. Manage it all in one system from safety checklists to updates on specific sites.

Monetize EV assets faster
Deploy EV infrastructure efficiently with Sitetracker and speed up deployment completion times.

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Experience the most cutting edge and robust project management platform designed for high-volume repeatable and distributed projects.

Sitetracker powers the entire EV ecosystem

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For EV charging companies
Decrease time to revenue by improving deployment completion times. Standardize deployments, manage subcontractors, connect to the field, report on risks, and more.
For contractors
Keep track of all EV projects, no matter the type, from DC fast, to L2, in one streamlined platform that ensures everyone, from C-suite to subcontractors in the know.
For utilities
Meet demand with proven processes and standardization. Sitetracker EV Quickstart makes it a breeze to manage thousands of interconnections across hundreds of locations.

Get started fast with Sitetracker EV Quickstart
The electric mobility transformation slows down for no one. Why let mediocre solutions get in your way? We help EV companies get up and running with Sitetracker, quickly. Developed hand in hand with industry experts from Chargepoint and EVgo, our EV Quickstart package is built from industry best practices to empower EV companies to scale to meet demand.
Made to supercharge EV infrastructure projects
Meet growing demand with operational efficiency. Our EV Quickstart package helps you standardize processes and gather the most accurate data from the get go. With Sitetracker EV Quickstart you will:

  • Speed up installs with industry-standard install template
  • Methodically evaluate sites with Site Candidate Module
  • Standardize data capture with Form templates
  • Connect the field to the office with Sitetracker Mobile
  • Gain granular project control and visibility into your entire EV portfolio
    The rapid nature of EV projects and the continuous growth demands organization and control. Not only will you establish a single source of truth for managing customer relationships, construction projects, vendor activities, and more with Sitetracker EV Quickstart. You’ll also be able to drill down into project specifics, while simultaneously maintaining high-level visibility with inclusions like:

  • EV Vendor Bid Module
  • EV Budget and Finance
  • Sitetracker Roll-up Reporting Module
  • EV Industry-standard reports and dashboards