To electrify the world, EV firms must supercharge their roll-out efficiency.

The Electric Vehicle charging industry is growing at an exponential rate. Sitetracker enables industry innovators like ChargePoint, EVgo, Volta Charging – and you – to seize the opportunity.

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EV Charging Leaders choose Sitetracker for project management.

EVgo is America’s Largest Public EV Fast Charging Network. With more than 1,100 fast chargers and more than 1,000 Level 2 chargers in 66 metropolitan markets, EVgo’s network in 34 U.S. states allows EV drivers to travel further while providing exemplary service by maintaining and operating its charging stations.
Volta Charging is a marketing and advertising company that designs, installs and maintains a network of electric vehicle charging stations funded by sponsor brands. Volta provides a valuable community amenity in markets across the U.S. helping brands meet consumers at the optimal moment of the purchase decision.
AMPLY Power is a comprehensive electric vehicle charging and energy management provider for fleets operating trucks, buses, vans, and light-duty vehicles. They are able to de-risk fleet electrification so operators can remain focused on their core business of moving people or goods.

Benefits of using Sitetracker for high-volume EV projects

Complete projects faster
Automations and efficient workflows reduce project cycle times and maximize accuracy.

Single source of truth
Keep all projects in one place with a real-time, single source of truth.

Reduce cycle times
Efficient hand-offs and improved processes around permitting result in reduced cycle times.

Increase PM Productivity
Manage more with less headcount. Sitetracker users can manage 25% more projects.

EV Charging leaders standardize on Sitetracker to deploy their critical infrastructure.

Easy to use
With a 90% average user adoption, all teams standardize on Sitetracker.

Deliver power with efficiency and control
Tens of thousands of new EV charging stations are installed every quarter, and that volume continues to grow. Companies who own, manage, or install EV chargers are facing unprecedented challenges in scaling their operations to meet market demand. Sitetracker coordinates all aspects of charger deployments, from siting and permitting to material management, on-site construction, and utility interconnection – enabling project managers to take on 25% more projects each.
With Sitetracker
Faster Project Completion Times
With Sitetracker
More Projects Handled per PM
Build the backbone for the future of movement
Successful deployment of EV chargers requires close coordination with local utilities and authorities for interconnections and permitting – externalities that companies can’t always control. Aligning permits, sites, and project schedules gives the most accurate view into permit and interconnection risks, and intelligent forecasting allows for adjusting project timelines automatically based on past utility or permit timelines.
Go-live in weeks with Sitetracker EV Quickstart
The race to deploy EV charging infrastructure waits for no one. Sitetracker’s EV Quickstart implementation offering is the fastest way to start returning value to your organization – go live in weeks instead of months with DC Fast or L2 project templates and best-practice workflows.
With Sitetracker
Faster Time to Project Billing

EV Quickstart Implementation Offerings

Go live in mere weeks with best practice workflows and DC or L2 project templates

Simplest and fastest go-live:

DC Fast or L2 Template
Reports & Dashboards
Sitetracker Mobile
Budget rollups


Bring in additional business processes:

Site field assets
EV Budgeting
Site validation forms
Approval workflows


Comprehensive and efficient:

Site candidates
Vendor bids
Bids workflow approval

Gain high-level and granular visibility across the entire project portfolio.
Filter and layer information sets for a clear and easy view of your work area.
Reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase accountability.
Report on projects in real-time and automatically forecast project timelines.
Manage entire portfolios of high-volume projects with Intelligent Project Templates.
Gain a 360 degree view of each site and project for maximum information accessibility and visibility.

Ready to see what the most efficient project management platform for EV Charging projects looks like?