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Connect, grow, accelerate:
Driving efficiencies in fiber and mobile network deployments

As telecoms traffic and bandwidth requirements continue to grow rapidly, telecoms operators find themselves under intense pressure to drive efficiencies in fiber and mobile network deployment. Network CapEx is surging and operators need to explore each and every option to gain efficiency.

Network planning and network deployment offer this opportunity. As the cost of identifying new sites and the need to do so increases, tower companies especially need to find ways to work smarter. Significant gains can be made by building a more efficient ecosystem connecting operators, tower companies, fiber companies and general contractors. Its role is to oversee programs, sites, segments, assets, and vendors, in order to deliver new levels of efficiency and agile processes.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn:

  • Top five best practice business processes to effectively guide your site acquisition, build, and maintenance strategies to move your business forward.
  • Today’s telecom landscape, case studies and strategies for success to optimize business operations and infrastructure projects
  • The latest telecom operations tools and solutions to drive faster time to on-air, revenue, and increased project portfolio growth


  • Mark Newman
    Chief Analyst, TM Forum
  • Brant Carter
    Director, Industry Products, Sitetracker

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