Avoid extinction: modernize your project management processes in the era of network densification

65 million years ago dinosaurs once roamed and ruled the Earth. Suddenly, everything changed. When a meteorite hit, the climate changed, the world changed, and the dinosaurs went extinct. Unable to adapt from their place atop the food chain, they were wiped out while smaller animals, including mammals, turtles, crocodiles, and frogs, evolved and survived.  The telecom industry is facing a similar cataclysmic event right now network densification.

Extinction level event: Network Densification

Network Densification is an extremely powerful force that will shape the telecom industry and mobile networks over the next decade. This is a sudden change that will force everyone in the industry to adapt in order to survive.

Mobile network operators are installing hundreds of thousands of small cells to bring their network hubs closer to their end users. According to the CTIA the number of cell sites in the United States will rise to more than 1.1 million by 2026, up from about 323,000 at the end of 2017.  

Carriers are racing to be the first to bring 5G to their customers. This high band spectrum will require dense networks to support the increasing number of mobile devices that will depend on 5G. It is estimated that more than 20 billion connected devices will be online by 2020. A higher volume and selection of more advanced telecom infrastructure will be needed to support the capacity and speeds.

What it means for you: many more projects

Telecom organizations must deploy and install more assets and complete more projects than ever before. The mobile network operators who are racing to be the first to 5G are increasingly reliant on third-party service providers for the installation and maintenance of their assets. Many of these service providers can then contract work to specialists for different phases of the projects. There are more parties working on more projects, which means higher complexity, making productivity and effective collaboration more crucial than ever.

Throughout the telecom industry, inadequate technology, such as spreadsheets, fail to offer live interaction between project managers and field workers. Outdated technology lacks the agility to handle the increasing variety of projects and disperses critical information across disconnected systems.

To survive this sudden change, organizations must achieve operational excellence. With the alignment of your software and processes, you can thrive in the era of network densification. A project management platform that acts a single source of truth, automates and standardizes your processes is needed in the race to 5G. A key piece of your survival will be collaborating better and enhancing productivity with a proper project management mobile app, Sitetracker Mobile.

Enhance productivity with purpose-built solutions

  • Have easy access to site and project data when and where it is needed. Finding a site or project on the mobile app is now easier than ever. Maps displayed in Sitetracker Mobile show pins that indicate sites and other Sitetracker configured objects. Even when you don’t have access to the internet you can continue, with offline edits, on the mobile app, and, the moment your device reconnects, your updates will be synchronized with your Sitetracker account.
  • Favorite important projects and view recent records. Identify and quickly access important and relevant records through favorites.
  • Automatic refreshes help accelerate time to task closeout. The app is designed for user efficiency and our automation ensures that you get your work done faster.

Invest in your operations, align your tools and processes to make your organization more efficient and productive so that you can face the cataclysmic changes coming. Chat with one our industry experts and get a live demo of Sitetracker to learn how you can avoid extinction in this era of network densification.