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How Software is Making EV Mainstream

With almost 20 million EVs on the road and counting, the focus has shifted to the infrastructure needed to support drivers around the world. Countries must ramp up the deployment of charging points to power the demand of electric cars on the road. Most important is addressing consumer concerns about range anxiety and lacking infrastructure. As EV companies face these aggressive growth targets, how can they make the driving and charging experiences flawless with the speed, access, and quality customers expect? 

Listen to our panel of CEOs from leading software companies Sitetracker, Monta, Smartcar, and DroneDeploy about how they are helping make EVs mainstream. Our panelists will discuss how software is helping bridge the gap between electrification goals and EV drivers expectations. 

Watch the discussion to learn more about software’s impact on:

  • Deploying with Quality at Scale
  • Operations, Resources, and Growth
  • Range Anxiety and Confidence
  • Charger Accessibility and Uptime


Eileen Waris
Principal, Energize Ventures

Giuseppe Incitti
CEO, Sitetracker

Michael Winn
CEO, DroneDeploy

Sahas Katta
CEO/Founder, Smartcar

Casper Rasmussen
CEO/CTO/Co-founder, Monta

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