ENGIE Vianeo Selects Sitetracker to Support International EV Charging Station Rollout

MONTCLAIR, N.J., July 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sitetracker, the leading deployment operations management software for critical infrastructure providers, was selected by ENGIE Vianeo, one of France’s leaders in deploying electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. ENGIE Vianeo will implement Sitetracker to help it manage thousands of EV installations, which ENGIE operates on behalf of its customers in France and many other countries to come.

ENGIE Vianeo is rapidly becoming a substantial part of ENGIE’s overall sustainable and transitional energy portfolio. With Sitetracker, ENGIE Vianeo will be able to centralize its management of hundreds of customer sites within the same application. This will enable them to manage deadlines more effectively and share important data both internally and with its subcontractors, which ENGIE Vianeo must also manage closely.

“We help everyone from building owners to whole communities install and manage thousands of charging stations domestically and internationally, meaning a smart system to track and manage these thousands of sites is mission critical,” said Fabien Remy, Director of Information Systems for ENGIE Vianeo. “Previously we relied on off-the-shelf software which was woefully inadequate. It wasn’t until we discovered Sitetracker that we understood how something purpose-built to support EV charger installations would radically improve our efficiency and insights.”

Working with partner SpringFive, Sitetracker was able to implement ENGIE Vianeo’s solution on budget and it went live in just seven weeks. Using Sitetracker’s complete project management platform, ENGIE Vianeo gains access to a variety of Trackers, project templates, reports, dashboards, and a mobile app including checklists. With those tools, ENGIE Vianeo can track project activities, interact with subcontractors efficiently, quickly administer program changes, support the high volume of data it handles, track worker overtime, and support specialized use cases such as fast-charging highway EV chargers and public-access chargers.

“Using Sitetracker will help ENGIE Vianeo grow our EV charging business and help our customers transition to a cleaner, sustainable energy future,” continued Remy.

To learn more about Sitetracker’s deployment operations management solution for critical infrastructure providers, please visit www.sitetracker.com/demo/.

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