Our People

The individuals within our organization embody the very essence of our company. At Sitetracker, our people undergo continuous growth and development within a culture that fosters openness, fearlessness, and empowerment. This culture is characterized by inclusivity and diversity, fostering trust and respect that enable our people to responsibly prioritize and deliver on the company’s objectives. We emphasize growth, skills, and development, enabling us to establish and maintain exceptional company performance.

Related to our people, Sitetracker is working toward four objectives:

Be a Great Place to Work

Sitetracker strives to create an inclusive and innovative culture that drives business performance.  We do this by ensuring everyone feels included and proud to belong to a caring, thoughtful, flexible premier technology company. One measure of employee satisfaction is the employee engagement survey.  An employee engagement survey is designed to measure the levels of enthusiasm and connection employees have with their organization. It shows how motivated people are to put in extra effort for their organization, and a sign of how committed they are to staying there.  An employee engagement survey is one of the most effective ways to capture every voice and measure employee engagement. Sitetracker can then take that information and identify areas for improvement.

At Sitetracker, we complete an annual engagement survey with a mid-year pulse survey. This gives our leaders a clear picture of the company and to identify those areas that we need to focus on to improve.  Sitetracker routinely scores at or well above the industry averages for both participation rates and for overall engagement scores.

Embrace Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity manifests itself in many aspects, encompassing gender, race, ethnicity, religion, politics, sexual orientation, age, and life experience, all of which contribute to the uniqueness of individuals. Sitetracker firmly upholds the goal of fostering a diverse and inclusive culture. It recognizes the significance of attracting a workforce that represents a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives. Equally important is the creation of an environment that genuinely promotes inclusivity and values each individual. In this environment, employment, compensation, and advancement decisions are solely based on merit, devoid of any considerations related to an employee’s gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.

As a part of advancing diversity at Sitetracer, we provide workforce representation data to be transparent with our team.  We share this data quarterly.

Support Employee Well-Being

Sitetracker is focused on taking a holistic view of the elements that make up an employee’s wellbeing. Our well-being program is designed to take care of our team’s physical and mental well-being and keep them connected with coworkers. Sitetracker provides an annual company-wide mental health day off to help employees relax and recharge. In addition, Sitetracker provides monthly well-being activities such as yoga or meditation and virtual social activities like trivia or escape rooms to support general wellness and fostering a sense of connectivity to other Sitetracker employees.

In addition, Sitetracker is committed to continually attuned to the evolving needs and trends in the workforce, as well as making enhancements to our benefits programs to meet the needs of our employees. To help guide those decisions, Sitetracker has a series of guiding principles that we use to prioritize those areas.

To help guide those decisions, Sitetracker has a series of guiding principles that we use to prioritize those areas. Among them, we have the following:

Think Globally

We recognize our global workforce’s diversity, and we’re committed to creating benefits solutions that transcend geographical boundaries, ensuring consistency and fairness for all.

Peace of Mind

Our benefits program is designed to offer employees and their dependents peace of mind, knowing they have access to comprehensive coverage and support when they need it most.

Ease & Efficiency

We prioritize ease of access and efficient administration. Streamlined processes and user-friendly tools are at the forefront of our benefits management strategy.

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We believe that informed employees are empowered employees. We invest in educational resources to help our workforce make informed decisions about their benefits.

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We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Our benefits offerings are flexible, allowing employees to tailor their packages to meet their individual needs and preferences.

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We continually seek ways to enhance our benefits program, staying attuned to evolving needs and trends in the workforce.

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Maximize Resources

We’re diligent in maximizing the value of our resources, striving to provide top-tier benefits while responsibly managing costs.

Financial Responsibility

We are financially responsible stewards, ensuring our benefits program remains sustainable and aligns with our overall financial goals.

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A few upgrades that Sitetracker has put in place over the last year to support our employees:

Income Protection

Sitetracker has instituted income protection for employees who become incapacitated and unable to work due to illness or accident (Peace of Mind).  Sitetracker has implemented this in all countries where we are able to provide it (Think Globally).

Life Insurance

Sitetracker’s Global Life Insurance Policy, launched in 2023, ensures that the loved ones of any Sitetracker employee who dies will receive financial support of not less than one year’s gross base salary (Peace of Mind, Think Globally).

Electric Vehicle Car Scheme

Allows employees in the United Kingdom to purchase a new electric vehicle through a salary sacrifice car scheme.  It allows employees the opportunity to purchase a new electric car using part of their gross salary – making savings on income tax and national insurance (Think Globally, Maximize Resources).

New 401(k) Administrator

In 2023, Sitetracker instituted a new 401(k) advisor to manage Sitetracker’s 401(k) plan. By doing this, Sitetracker was able to bring in a lower expense ratio, which translates to a higher return on our employees 401(k) investments (Maximize Resources). In addition, the new advisor provides extensive educational seminars and individual consultations to ensure employees are properly preparing for retirement (Education, Peace of Mind).

Provided Options for upgraded Vision and Dental Coverage

Sitetracker added dental coverage options in the US allowing employees to choose a plan that best fits their needs. As we continue to review global benefits benchmarking, we’ve recently added dental coverage for our employees in India and Spain (Flexibility and Enhancements).

Parental Leave

Enhanced our leave policies by providing longer leave options and removing lengthy eligibility periods to allow employees to take the time to bond with their new child (Peace of Mind and Enhancements).

Develop People

For Sitetracker to continue to grow, it is imperative that we identify, develop, and retain the skilled employees that have made us successful.  We are constantly looking for ways to develop our culture and refresh our talent management activities, performance support, and career development practices. 

Our people development focus includes three main areas:

Performance Support

Ensure employees are having regular conversations regarding their performance, receiving both meaningful feedback and recognition for their accomplishments.

Competence Development

Provide employees the resources necessary to develop those skills – including manager/leadership development – that are critical for them to excel in their roles. 

Growth Opportunities

Develop career progression frameworks that provide a clear path and criteria for employees to meet their career aspirations.

Over the past year, Sitetracker has launched the following initiatives:

Launched Career Tracks

Our Career Track program provides a visible growth path for all employees who want to grow their career. Currently 33% of Sitetracker employees are on a role-specific career track that defines the competencies and expectations to help people understand their path to career advancement. The remaining 50% of Sitetracker employees are mapped to a general competency path so they also have a clear understanding of the steps needed to get to the next level.

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Sitetracker Manager Training

Sitetracker enrolled all of our people managers into a managers essentials training course designed to ensure our people managers are given the tools needed to be effective people managers. We believe that better managers result in greater engagement, greater team cohesion, better opportunities for growth, higher productivity, lower employee and manager burnout, and higher retention.

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Updated Performance Management

We reshaped our performance management process to empower frontline managers to be more directly involved. We believe that since managers are closest to their team members’ work, they’re in the best position to evaluate performance and share meaningful feedback. We also created a new performance evaluation category intended to recognize (and thereby retain) true high performers.

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Individual Development Plans

We know that our employees have a desire for continuous learning and development, so we have created a focus on ensuring that all people managers are having development conversations with their team members on a regular basis. To hold ourselves accountable, we have a company wide goal that at least 50% of our employees will have a defined Growth Area added to their Individual Development Plan in Lattice by the end of 3Q.

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