Traditional Project & Asset management tools can’t do this!

Sitetracker: For your most important assets

Summary: At Sitetracker, we believe our people are everything. Because of this, we work very hard to recruit and retain top talent. While I do think we are innovative recruiters, I think we truly differentiate ourselves with our approach to employee onboarding and development. This article is relevant for companies hiring rapidly to enter or expand into new markets or offering new products and services.

I spend a lot of time with our customers – innovators and trailblazers building the infrastructure of tomorrow – and I ask them a ton of questions. As you’d expect, most of the discussion is focused on their challenges as they work to revolutionize their industry,  but there is a point in every conversation where the tables turn and they ask me a common question, “how does Sitetracker use Sitetracker?”


We walk our talk

Sitetracker gives us a material competitive advantage in two ways:


How we do it

Each hiring manager builds a development plan for the roles on their team using Sitetracker’s Intelligent Templates. These plans are given to the employee on their first day.

Sitetracker’s Intelligent Templates are perfectly suited for development plans as they provide the hiring manager the ability to not only layout the 50 to 100 repeatable activities to be completed when onboarding, but they also provide the hiring manager with the ability to set a forecast completion date for each activity, making expectations regarding when activities should be completed crystal clear. The hiring manager can also provide links and attachments for all information related to the development activity in the template to help streamline completion.

Once the employee completes their initial development plan, we move forward in one of two ways. We either: 1) assign the employee another templated development plan that builds on the first plan or 2) we move to using Sitetracker’s Ad Hoc Activities to allow for more individually tailored development plans that are designed and deployed quarterly. We find using Ad Hoc Activities works best for more senior employees, where creating more flexible quarterly development plans generally works best.


“We believe that the key to retaining truly great employees is maximizing the slope of their development curve at all times. Because of this, we mandate that every employee (including myself) has a development plan. We manage everything related to these plans in… you guessed it… Sitetracker.”


Fast and Easy Reporting is Tremendously Valuable

Sitetracker’s advanced reporting and notifications allow us to easily monitor how the entire company is progressing against development plans. The executive team reviews reports and dashboards on a weekly basis to ensure that the development of our most important assets, our employees, is on schedule.

Please shoot me a note if you’d like to discuss in more detail or to learn about how we use Sitetracker for our implementations – which I will post about in the near future.