Streamline workflows with a project management mobile app

Field workers and mobile teams can no longer simply use clipboards. Pen and paper are parts of an antiquated process. Email is an inefficient solution.

There’s a better way for field workers and mobile teams to collaborate on site-based projects.

A better way is required for high volume projects in critical infrastructure industries, such as telecom, utility, and smart cities. Project managers and their teams need a mobile app. Mobility is an essential component of project management.  

Collaboration is the basis for successful project and asset management

Eugene Spiegle literary wrote the book on project management authoring, Project Management Guidelines and Project Management – The Basics For Success. According to Spiegle, project management,  “…comes down to leadership, and the basic foundation of leadership is communication. If you can’t communicate you can’t lead.” With a project management mobile app, you can better communicate with your teams in the field. Whether you are deploying or maintaining an asset, the information your team needs is in the palm of their hands.

A project management mobile app to ensure collaboration

Based on extensive testing and feedback from our customers, we created Sitetracker Mobile to standardize processes, enhance vendor accountability, and streamline operations. Executives, project managers, and field technicians can now work together seamlessly to shorten time to close out and accelerate speed to market.

Streamline workflows with mobile management tools

Streamline workflows by automating your project process:

  • Checklists ensure everyone is on the same page with what tasks need to get done on each project. Deployments, inspections, upgrades, and more can be completed quickly, easily, and thoroughly.
  • Photos and videos are the easiest ways to communicate the status of a project or asset. When you take a photo with Sitetracker Mobile, latitude and longitude values are automatically captured. Project managers know exactly where an image or video was taken with precise location history.
  • Eliminate manual double entry by directly submitting information through the app. Stop manually copying clipboard checklists into desktop tools and spreadsheets back at the office.

Putting timely information in the hands of field teams is critical to completing projects on time and on budget, whether it’s installing new small cells or maintaining macro sites. That’s why we built Sitetracker Mobile, a native app for iOS and Android to keep everyone on the same page.

To get started, current customers can download Sitetracker Mobile in the App Store or Google Play. If you are not yet a customer, get a live demo to see our project management mobile app in action.