Sitetracker announces new Quickstart implementation offerings for EV Charging deployments, enabling customers to go-live in weeks.

Originally posted on Businesswire

Sitetracker announces new Quickstart implementation offerings for EV Charging deployments, enabling customers to go-live in weeks.

Palo Alto, Calif., June, 22nd, 2021 Sitetracker, the global standard for deploying, operating, and servicing critical infrastructure technology, announces the availability of Quickstart implementation offerings for the deployment of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging assets.  The offerings enable Sitetracker customers to go-live with a new org in weeks  and represent the fastest way to reach return on investment from Sitetracker.

The EV Quickstart offerings come in three tiers: Standard, Plus, and Advanced, with increasing levels of implemented business processes included in each. The Standard tier is designed to be the fastest and most efficient way to go-live with Sitetracker for EV projects. It includes configuration of standard templates for DC Fast or L2 project templates standard reports and dashboards, trackers, Sitetracker Mobile, and the standard rollup for budget reporting.

The Plus tier offers everything in the Standard offering, but brings in additional business processes like managing site field assets, EV budgeting, site validation forms on mobile, and approval workflows for invoices, purchase orders, and budgets. 

For the most comprehensive implementation requirements, the Advanced tier offers configuration of the site candidates module, vendor bid module, timetracker, an approval workflow for bids, as well as everything included in the previously mentioned tiers. 

Additionally, customers can opt for add-on components, such as a data migration, SSO integrations, or installing the Sitetracker EV org into an existing Salesforce or Sitetracker instance. 

“It’s no secret that the alternative energy revolution is in full swing, with 2050 being the target year that ‘alternative energy’ becomes just ‘energy,’” comments Mike DiModugno, Sitetracker’s Vice President of Solution Delivery. He continues, “to get there, millions of alternative energy assets have to get deployed on time, with greater efficiency than ever before. Sitetracker’s EV Quickstart offerings bridge that gap, enabling organizations to achieve operational excellence by going live with Sitetracker in record times and leveraging our best practices.”

As with other Sitetracker implementation offerings, the EV Quickstart’s templates, configurations, and other components are all based on industry best practices, drawing from the wealth of knowledge represented by Sitetracker’s own industry experts as well as its customers’. 

Parjanya Rijal, Sitetracker’s Head of Energy Products, remarks, “this is an exciting time to be on team green. Sitetracker is passionate about furthering our products and empowering firms that are deploying alternative energy assets for a sustainable future.  The industry can expect even more from us in the near future.”


If you are a Sitetracker customer or would like to learn more about EV Quickstart implementation offerings, please contact the team via or visit: our EV project management webpage and schedule a demo.