KeyPoint Communications partners with Sitetracker to scale their business

Modern business communications provider scales with Sitetracker

  • Keypoint Communications, the full-service communications provider, inks deal with Sitetracker to improve their project and asset management.
  • Palo Alto-based Sitetracker services critical infrastructure providers project and asset management needs across the USA and Europe.

Sitetracker, the project and asset management standard for innovative infrastructure owners and operators like Verizon, Central Hudson Gas & Electric, Intersection Media, is proud to announce their partnership with KeyPoint Communications. KeyPoint is leveraging the Sitetracker Platform to scale their business operations to scale their rapidly growing business.

KeyPoint Communications is a modern business communications provider that manages permitting, leasing, and related work for LTE and new tower build projects.

“Prior to adopting Sitetracker as our single source of truth, we entered all of our project information manually into spreadsheets, but that wasn’t cutting it,” said Chief Operations Officer and General Manager at KeyPoint Communications, Jay King. “We needed real reporting with the ability to roll up to management. We also needed to be able to track our projects effectively, from tasks to milestones – Sitetracker does all that and more for us now.”

Giuseppe Incitti, Sitetracker CEO is excited to be partnering with KeyPoint Communications to support their business goals, “KeyPoint definitely did their due diligence, researching all potential solutions that would enable them to scale their business and track projects effectively. They chose to work with us and we welcome them onboard as a true partner. We are fully dedicated to our customers’ success and will provide them with the highest level of service that our customers have come to expect from our team.”

KeyPoint Communications expects to see improvement in the way they track projects, enabling them to take on greater project volume and scale their business to meet customer needs. “Sitetracker did all the heavy lifting for us when it came to integrations into our existing partners,”  continued Jay King. This made sure that we have between our internal departments and are up and running without delay.”

The Sitetracker team is excited to be working with KeyPoint Communications to enable them to scale and best serve their customers.

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