Energia Real Selects Sitetracker for Commercial Solar Installations Throughout Mexico USA

MONTCLAIR, N.J., Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sitetracker, the leading deployment operations management software for critical infrastructure providers, has been tapped by Mexico-based Energia Real to help it speed its nationwide, distributed solar energy deployments. Energia Real is has the largest financed portfolio of Distributed Generation solar energy infrastructure in the country, and Sitetracker’s technology will help them more quickly and efficiently scale their renewable energy solution.

“Prior to Sitetracker, we could deploy only about 30 sites at a time because the logistics, personnel, supply chains, and collaboration with partners and regulators consumed too much of our time and overwhelmed our tech tools,” said Santiago Holschneider, Energia Real’s Chief Operating Officer. “Now, with Sitetracker, we have a more efficient, intelligent, mobile solution to handle those tasks, and we can speed up the deployment of our clean, renewable energy PPA systems more than 150 installations at a time.”

Over the next several years, Energia Real plans to deploy thousands of systems at shopping malls, supermarkets, and industrial sites. With Sitetracker, Energia Real can speed up their deployments by optimizing installation processes, determining required rooftop space, managing roof top and parking lot installations, and assessing industrial sites. By working more efficiently, the company can not only deploy more quickly, it can do so with a smaller workforce, a critical advantage during the worldwide talent crunch.

“As we’ve scaled up, it’s been clear we have had the best technology, service, and clean-energy solution, but deployment was something we had to solve for our growth,” continued Holschneider. “Now with Sitetracker we have a competitive advantage and are poised to dominate this market. The best part is, we didn’t have to change anything about our business. We just got smarter across the enterprise with Sitetracker’s purpose-built solution.”

About Sitetracker
Sitetracker powers the rapid deployment of tomorrow’s infrastructure. The global leader in deployment operations management software, Sitetracker helps innovative companies like British Telecom, KPN, Segra, and ChargePoint manage millions of sites and assets representing over $150 billion in portfolio holdings. By giving telecommunications, utility, smart cities, and energy teams a cloud-based solution that works easily and effectively, Sitetracker is accelerating the path to digital equity and a more sustainable future.

SOURCE Sitetracker