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Learn more about our mission, meet our leadership team, venture partner, and investors.

Learn more about our mission, meet our leadership team, venture partner, and investors.

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Project managers are responsible for building the future, yet their tools were designed for the past. Misreporting, missed deadlines, and blown budgets are all too common. At Sitetracker, we are obsessed with fixing this problem. Project managers should have a single solution to effectively manage numerous and complex projects.

As the global standard for managing high-volume projects, the Sitetracker Platform enables growth-focused innovators to optimize the entire asset lifecycle. From the field to the C-suite, Sitetracker enables stakeholders to perfect how they plan, deploy, maintain, and grow their capital asset portfolios.

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Why we are here

Karl Secco, Mobile Software Engineer

We all have an impact on the product at Sitetracker. Everyone is considered a product engineer and as a department we are always involved in aiding the success of each others’ roles. As a developer backed by a diligent QA team, I have had the opportunity to address customer issues raised by our Implementations team, ultimately enhancing core components which positively impact the fluidity of each team and end user at Sitetracker.

Karl Secco, Mobile Software Engineer
Zainab Shikari, Engineering Manager

Our product’s biggest differentiators are its array of features, templates, capacity for customization, and focus on seamless usability. We have slotted enhancements and development hours dedicated to improving usability for our end users. I am proud of my team’s efforts, which are reflected in our high scores and renewal rates.

Zainab Shikari, Engineering Manager
Shari Clare, Technical Writer

Every time we have a new release, I have the opportunity to work with engineers and see the ideas become a new set of features. It is incredible to be a part of all stages of the product, from conception to development.

Shari Clare, Technical Writer
Kathleen Roberts, Customer Success Manager

I am a highly motivated and career-driven person, and I was looking for a workplace where I can continually grow. At Sitetracker, I am learning how to be a better CSM every day through effective requirements gathering sessions and a more strategic approach.

Kathleen Roberts, Customer Success Manager

Meet our team

With decades of project management experience, our leadership team is transforming how the world’s most innovative companies build the infrastructure of tomorrow.

Giuseppe Incitti
Giuseppe Incitti CEO

Tim May
Tim May CTO & Co-Founder

Brett Cupta
Brett Cupta VP Customer Success & Co-Founder

Irene Scher
Irene Scher VP Sales

Brett Chester
Brett Chester VP Marketing

John Leigh
John Leigh VP Operations

David George
David George VP International

Andy Watts
Andy Watts VP Sales APAC

Bob Amelung
Bob Amelung Snr. Director Support

Weihong Liu
Weihong Liu Snr. Director of Finance

Michael Di Modugno
Michael Di Modugno Snr. Director Implementation

Michael Creegan
Michael Creegan SNR. Director Legal

Ethan Jayson
Ethan Jayson SNR. Director of People Operations

Tomas Ancelovici
Tomas Ancelovici Director of Partnerships

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