Projects are Life: Thoughtfulness leads to better project management

Projects are Life: Sarah Stevens, Centerline Communications Sarah Stevens is an Associate Project Manager at Centerline Communications, where she brings over 20 years of experience in telecommunications, new site development, real estate, zoning, and construction to the job every day. Sarah’s piece of advice to new project managers is, “you need to be willing to broaden your horizons.” After learning about her journey from architecture, commercial zoning, and construction, to telecommunications with Verizon Wireless and finally Centerline, it is clear that Sarah has taken her own advice throughout her career …


Projects are Life with Iris Dawson, Vice President of Site Development at inRange Solutions

How many people in the telecom industry can say they were professional dancers? How does dance prepare someone for work in critical infrastructure? We met with Iris Dawson, the Vice President of Site Development at inRange Solutions to learn how her career in dance prepared her for success in telecom. What was your first job? Professional Dancer- I performed Children’s roles for New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center starting at age seven. Before falling into telecom, I was long retired from ballet and had moved onto ballroom dancing. I …


Projects are Life with Cristina Iacona, Project Manager at ZenFi Networks

I knew Cristina Iacona needed to be featured in the Projects are Life series the day I met her in the Sitetracker Certification course. I could tell immediately that she was smart, super organized, a world-class communicator, and had a great sense of humor – all great qualities of a person, and even better qualities to find in a project manager. We hopped on a Zoom call to talk a bit more about how Cristina got into project management, why she loves the culture at ZenFi Networks, and why communication …


Projects are Life:
Heidi Mahoney, Tilson

1,000. That’s the number of nationwide cellular sites that Heidi Mahoney manages for wireless network carriers every single day. As a Senior Project Manager for Tilson, Heidi oversees multi-site small cell wireless deployments in markets across the country. She is responsible for ensuring projects move smoothly from site initiation to construction handoff.  Heidi joined Tilson six years ago as a Project Administrator and was quickly promoted to Project Manager and then to Senior Project Manager. Her role in Tilson’s small cell division is critical to the company’s success as it …


Projects are Life:
Scott Brantley, Tower Engineering Professionals

We sat down with Scott Brantley, Director of East Coast Civil Engineering at Tower Engineering Professionals to talk about what goes into being a great Project Manager– from what qualities make a great project manager, how to succeed, how technology can be a game-changer, and why project management is unique at Tower Engineering Professionals. Oh, and his pizza-delivery aspirations. You have been at TEP for a while! How long have you been there and how did you get started in Project Management? I’ve been a project manager for seven years …


Projects are Life: Rafik Ishaya, Fullerton Engineering

Rafik Ishaya is an expert project manager. He has spent 19 years at Fullerton Engineering and 25 total working in critical infrastructure industries. That kind of expertise is hard to come by. Sitting down and learning from Rafik was a real treat. The message that stuck with us after our conversation is: the key to successful project management is data integrity. About Rafik Ishaya: Rafik is a Vice President at Fullerton Engineering, and was previously the Director of Operations there, working to lead the development of new projects. Before leading …