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On November 20th, over 200 of the industry’s best and brightest took over center ice at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas to celebrate and recognize the USA’s most innovative telecom companies, products, and people that push the industry boundaries and upend the status quo. 

Award categories included: Best Company Culture, Most Innovative Telecom Company, Corporate Responsibility, Most Influential Woman in Telecom, Judges’ Choice, and the most coveted award: Project Manager of the Year.  Over 140 submissions from 96 companies were submitted over the 30 day nomination period. 

“The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas – featuring a Cox Business-built, 10-Gigabit fiber-optic network with over 500 wireless access points – was the perfect venue to host the crème de la crème of the telecom industry’,” said Brett Cupta, Sitetracker Co-founder and VP of Customer Success. “Based on the 200 plus smiles I saw across our nominees and winners faces out on center ice, everyone had a great night.” 

Award presenters included Sitetracker CEO, Giuseppe Incitti, who presented the first award of the evening for Best Corporate Culture. Incitti was excited to present the first award, as in his words, “corporate culture is so critical to the success of businesses in not only the telecom industry but across all industries”. 

Although many high-quality nominations were received, there could only be one winner in each category. Winners include: 

  • Tower Engineering Professionals for Best Company Culture  
  • Tilson Technology Management for Most Innovative Telecom Company
  • Modus for Corporate Responsibility
  • Lorrie Pope of Congruex for Most Influential Woman in Telecom 
  • Vertical Bridge for Judges’ Choice
  • Alicia Manzi of Segra for Project Manager of the Year 

Best Company Culture:

Finalists: Airosmith Development, The CBR Group, Leaf Communications, Modus,  SAC Wireless, Tower Engineering Professionals, Tillman Infrastructure, United Fiber & Data, VerticalBridge, ZenFi Networks.

Winner: TEP, Tower Engineering Professionals 

Most Innovative Telecom Company:

Finalists: Congruex, Keypoint Communications,  Modus, Tower Engineering Professionals, Tilson Technology Management, United Fiber & Data, ZenFi Networks

Winner: Tilson Technology Management

Tilson step and repeat

Corporate Responsibility:

Finalists: Black & Veatch, Modus, SAC Wireless, and Tower Engineering Professionals

Winner: Modus

Most Influential Woman in Telecom

Finalists: Kim Martin of TEP, Iris Dawson of In-Range, Rowena Okialda of Modus, Theresa Baker of T-Mobile, Lorrie Pope of Congruex, Carolyn Hardwick, National Director Of Business Development at Squan, and President of the WWLF. 

Winner: Lorrie Pope of Congruex. 

Judges Choice:

Winner: Vertical Bridge

Project Manager of the Year:

Finalists: Alicia Manzi from Segra, April Magliaro from Zenfi Networks, Cristina Lacona from Zenfi Networks, James Francisco from Advantage Engineers, Joseph Viola from AT&T, Michael Giancursio from Windstream, Rowena Okialda from Modus, and Tom Ladik from Advantage Engineers.

Winner: Alicia Manzi from Segra

Cornerstone Award: 

Winner: SAC Wireless

A nostalgic and thankful Tim May, Sitetracker Co-Founder and CTO, also presented an impromptu award to Sitetracker’s long-standing customer SAC Wireless: 

At Sitetracker, we are incredibly thankful that we were able to host this early Thanksgiving feast for the individuals and companies that have made telecom an industry to be proud of. We wish all of our customers, finalists and the whole industry a happy holiday season.