Becoming agile with Sitetracker

The only thing we can be certain of is unpredictability. Help your business cope with changing requirements by becoming more agile with Sitetracker.

Agile began as a software development methodology that is now making inroads into other industries. It is particularly useful for managing projects that are either complex or a lot of information is unknown at the beginning of the project and becomes more clear as the work begins. Using the Sitetracker Platform can help your business become more agile and better able to respond to unexpected changes.

How Sitetracker Engineering uses scrum and agile project management

The Sitetracker engineering team lives and breathes the agile approach to developing software. The teams at Sitetracker use an agile methodology known as scrum. This is a set of practices that emphasize daily communication and flexible reassessment of plans based on changing needs. It’s easy to learn about the nuts and bolts of scrum through organizations, such as Here at Sitetracker, we have three teams that meet every two weeks for planning meetings, in which we discuss the highest priority items we will work on. We determine how many of those items we can get done in the next two weeks, then get to work developing and testing the software. At the end of our two-week “sprint,” we demonstrate what we have completed. Team members are accountable to each other by participating in a brief daily meeting where everyone talks about what they have accomplished, what they plan to accomplish, and whether there are any impediments to completing their work. This daily accountability solidifies the commitment each member has to the team. If an issue comes up that one member is struggling with, they know that they have resources to help them resolve their impediment so that they can become more productive.

Applying scrum to non-software projects

Scrum is ubiquitous in software development and is proving itself useful for other types of projects. It helps break down complex problems into manageable chunks and helps reduce uncertainty in a constantly changing environment. If you know that there are issues holding back a project or an organization but are not sure what they are or how to address them, using scrum or other agile methodologies can make those issues more visible so that you can take steps to fix them.

Transparency and communication are the cornerstones of all agile methodologies. Sitetracker provides valuable data insights that improve transparency. These insights help your business respond to unexpected changes and achieve operational excellence.

Industries such as telecommunications and utilities are just beginning to see the value of becoming more agile. Get ahead of the curve by learning how your organization can become more agile by using Sitetracker.  Contact a Sitetracker project management expert now.