What Energize Ventures’ investment means for Sitetracker

We’ve extended our Series B round, raising an additional $10 million. This new partnership with Energize Ventures brings our total funding to $45 million. We’re excited to add Energize to the team as we have the support of an additional world-class investor supporting our mission to power the efficient and successful deployment of critical infrastructure.

I described what the first $24 million in our Series B meant to us last year when we welcomed Wells Fargo Strategic Capital, National Grid Partners, and Salesforce Ventures to our roster of outstanding investors, including additional investment from New Enterprise Associates:

  • To our customers, we’re accelerating our innovation and continue to be excited by your trust in us.
  • To our team, this investment validates our hard work. We wouldn’t be here without your talent, grit, and dedication.
  • To our future teammates, we’re just getting started. We’re expanding internationally, growing our amazing engineering team, and empowering amazing industry leaders in the telecommunications, utility, smart city, and energy industries to build the infrastructure that’s connecting our world.

Today, as our growth continues, that’s truer than ever. None of this would be possible without our amazing team. Their grit, talent, dedication, and relentless pursuit of improvement has made us the market leader we are today. Thank you!

Why we’re excited to work with
Energize Ventures

We’re excited to have Energize Ventures as a partner. Their investment represents continued validation that critical infrastructure operators are ready and need to tackle the challenges being presented by a shifting technological landscape. Our focus from here continues to be on our customers’ success and ensuring that our roadmap delivers above and beyond their expectations.

“Critical infrastructure providers are at a crossroad. Hardware miniaturization and decentralization is leading to new revenue opportunities in energy, transportation, 5G, and cross-industry IoT. But these new opportunities also present unexpected deployment and maintenance challenges that need to be addressed now. By enabling this asset transition, Sitetracker aligns tightly with our thesis that technology can deliver solutions for problems that permeate not only power and energy companies, but critical infrastructure providers at large.”

John Tough, Partner, Energize Ventures

Critical infrastructure providers like those in the utility, energy, and telecommunications industries have traditionally focused more on completing large, longer-term projects, such as the transmission & distribution centers that surround our communities.

But as a result of innovation, project & operations managers are entering a new era where the volume, variety, and velocity of projects they manage is growing exponentially. For example, the increase in demand for distributed energy resources, such as rooftop solar, and electric vehicle charging stations represents a shift to high-volume, shorter-term projects that include more third parties.

Consequently, companies are looking for new solutions to address these new operational challenges. Built from the ground up to harness the opportunities created by the new types of projects across industries, Sitetracker has quickly become essential to leaders in the telecommunications, utility and energy industries. With support from Energize Ventures, we’ll continue delivering more and more value to our customers with every new software release.

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Join the movement, a growing network of over 1,000 companies using the Sitetracker Platform to transform their operations and build the infrastructure connecting our world.

Our customers are heroes of change that are seeing real results. As Tim May, our CTO and Co-Founder recently put it:

“From 3x faster project cycle times to 80% reduced time in manual reporting activity, we are seeing project managers spending more time managing and less time manipulating spreadsheets. That’s even with 25% plus workload increases. Furthermore, vendors are billing and getting paid on time for work completed instead of experiencing months of delay. I’m thrilled to see our customers reaping the benefits of Sitetracker and we have an amazing roadmap of new features still to come.”

Our pace of product innovation will accelerate as we remain focused on helping you operate more efficiently and keeping you well ahead of the competition. For example, we’ve just released some exciting new features to help you dispatch the right people with the right tools to the right place at the right time.

We’d love to share more. Request a meeting today to learn how we can transform your business.

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