A new era of Utility projects mean new opportunities – and challenges.

Sitetracker is essential for efficiently building the utility networks of the future.

Industry leaders trust Sitetracker

“With Sitetracker, Dominion is completing net metering applications 3x faster, from 29 days down to only 10 days on average.”
, Dominion Energy
“Sitetracker has been a true partner for us as we deploy small cells on our utility poles.”
Manager of Digital Infrastructure, Duke Energy
“We’ve achieved unprecedented visibility by unifying our project data into a purpose-built system. Since adopting Sitetracker, Black and Veatch can now optimize processes and assign more work to contractors with the best cycle times and first time through rates.”
, Black and Veatch
Testimonial text“This increase in the volume of repair and replacement work presents an organizational challenge. We chose Sitetracker not only because their platform is purpose-built for efficiently managing thousands of projects at once, but because they will help us improve as an organization by connecting our crews in the field to project managers, estimators, and management back in the office.”
Charles Freni, SVP Customer Services and T&D Operations, Central Hudson

Purpose-built solutions for the next century of energy and utilities

Distributed Energy Resources
An exponential increase in interconnections means exponentially more work. Sitetracker has the answer.
Grid Modernization
The US has over 180 million utility poles. Only Sitetracker is built to repair or replace them all.
EV Charging Infrastructure
EV Charging Infrastructure is growing at 40% every year. Sitetracker enables utility firms to interconnect stations to grid faster.

A new generation of utility infrastructure dawns. As cities, countries, and the entire world prioritize eco-friendliness, so too does the volume of work increase. Add on top of that the huge opportunity for new revenue that 5G represents, and it becomes obvious that the next few years will yield winners and losers in the utility industry. Prepare your team and company for the increased volume, variety, and velocity of work by adopting the solution that’s purpose-built for this era of projects.

From distributed energy resources to EV charging infrastructure, the efficiency and organization of utility project management teams must be nothing sort of excellent. Legacy project management platforms fail to handle the demand of a new era in critical infrastructure deployment. Instead, purpose-built systems for distributed, high-volume work are setting the standard.

To adapt, utility companies require a single source of truth to handle all project information, data, and processes. Sitetracker’s purpose-built project and work management platform is an enterprise-ready end-to-end solution that speeds up interconnection times while granting visibility across the entire project portfolio.

Sitetracker is the standard for high-volume Utility projects.

Easy to use by everyone
Sitetracker has a 93% user adoption thanks to it being intuitive and easy to use.

Increased PM capacity
On average, project managers that use Sitetracker handle 25% more concurrent projects.

Complete projects faster
Sitetracker customers experience 3x faster project completion.
Build and maintain Utility assets and networks with ease and speed.

Visualize and master your territory.
  • Plan and retain visibility across your entire project portfolio.
  • Identify, evaluate, and select sites in context.
  • Build new sites and install new assets on-time and within budget with detailed project schedules.
  • Customize layered views to gain an instant understanding of priority sites.
  • Leverage out-of-the-box intelligent project templates, based on industry best practices, for the entire site lifecycle, from new builds and modifications through decommissioning.
  • Reduce risk and manage vendors to control costs, reduce rework, and shorten turnaround times.
  • Automatically generate invoices to shorten time to payment and improve cash flow.
With Sitetracker
Capital Expenses Managed
With Sitetracker
More Projects Managed per PM
Streamline collaboration.
  • From net metering to DERs interconnections, bring the entire team into one streamlined system.
  • Receive, evaluate, and approve net metering applications while providing visibility to other stakeholders.
  • Maintain and track permits and right of entry, ensuring field teams have the proper access permissions while on the job.
  • Capture, upload, or view relevant project information on sites with Sitetracker Mobile.
  • Update project data in real-time and gain a single source of truth.
Increase operational efficiency.
  • Gain a 360º view of sites.
  • Gather everything decision-makers need to know in one authoritative record.
  • Manage and store critical documents, and forecast revenues and expenses.
  • Scale efficiently by improving utilization and productivity to manage more sites and revenue without unnecessary headcount
  • View surrounding geography, photos, and installed equipment, all in context, on a single screen.
  • Accurately forecast site utilization and easily report on the status of the complete infrastructure portfolio.
With Sitetracker
Faster Time to Interconnection

Benefits of using Sitetracker

Customizable Intelligent Project Templates make your team an efficiency powerhouse.

Use the power of predictive analytics to accurately forecast project expenses and timelines.

No matter the team – internal or contractor – native integrations make workflows seamless.

Ensure the right people get the right information with multi-level security protocols.

Quickly view data dashboards and drill-down to real-time reports.

Report natively and share data with any business intelligence platform directly.

Meet the Sitetracker Platform

Meet the Sitetracker Platform

Keep track of project progress and milestones in one place.
Save time and increase accountability with Sitetracker Maps.
Reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase accountability.
Report on projects in real-time and automatically forecast projects.
Manage entire portfolios of high-volume projects with Intelligent Project Templates.
Standardize timesheet management and save time.

Conquer your high-volume work

The world’s most innovative utility companies use Sitetracker

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Faster Net Metering Processing


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